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Welcome to Hen & Chicks Studio 100 Days to Christmas Event

Day 1 (September 16, 2019)

Wondering what to do with all of those pretty flannels? If you select one of the pretty woven flannels (which means it's the same color on front and back), then we suggest purchasing 2 yards, splitting it down the middle, parallel with the selvage, to make two scarves. One for you and one to give away. 

You can get as fancy as you want and roll the edges under for a clean, hemmed look. Or fray the ends to create a more casual look. 

If you prefer a narrower scarf, consider cutting the length of fabric into 3 or even 4 panels! More to give. 

With the sale on flannel, that means you could make 2 scarves for under $20. What a deal. 

We love our friend Sarah J. Maxwell's flannels from Marcus Fabrics. Click HERE to see what choices we have at Hen & Chicks Studio. 

Bonnie Sullivan has a beautiful new flannel collection out for the holidays and we're in love with it! 

Click here and you'll find the FREE pattern, shown left, and check out all of the wonderful flannels we have at Hen & Chicks Studio.

Podcast Highlight of the Day: Meet Sarah J. Maxwell!

We loved Melissa's stockings over at Polkadot Chair, so we wanted to share this FREE pattern with you on her website. 

Click HERE to check it out!