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Cecile McPeak is the owner and Chief Button Maker at Just Another Button Company. She started to find her love for all things creative when her mother first took her along to a craft club. After crafting for a while people started to buy her creations! She then took a break from crafting until she had 3 small kids at home. Suddenly she was entertaining them with different craft books. In this book, there was a chapter on making buttons, and that's where the story really begins. After learning all about buttons, she started teaching a few classes at a local quilt shop on how to make your own buttons and turn them into wearable art. After a while, Cecile decided she needed an outlet to sell her buttons, and in 1996 Just Another Button Company was created. Today Cecile and her team are making the exact same buttons she first created so long ago, as well as handmade pins, and hand-dyed buttons. To learn more about Just Another Button Company, click here. 

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