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Heidi Kaisand: Good morning and welcome to create with Heidi. I'm Heidi Kaisand, owner of hen and chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa, and lover of all things creative each week here on create with Heidi, we like to cover topics that educate and inspire you about how people are being creative, whether it's quilting, scrapbooking food wall, or just hanging out with others who seem to have their creative Mojo groovin in all the right directions. We are excited to share these things with you. Each week, I like to start with a quote. And here is my quote for today. Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones, Bruce, and I must not say this gira gira brand. And when I think of that quote, it just so makes me think of quilters and what we do at hen and chick studio. And this morning. My guest is my fellow co worker jami Willett. Good morning, Jami, how are you today?

Jami Willett: I'm great. How are you Heidi?

Heidi Kaisand: I am good. And I you know, I hear people say, Oh, I will I will quilt some day when I retire or, you know, like that they're gonna wait. They're waiting for that perfect moment, just like this quote says that, you know that, but creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. And I think what we get to see every day at Hen and chicks is the ability and the fun that people have in being creative every day and trying something different every day. And I think we're so lucky to have that job.

Jami Willett: Oh, my gosh, yes, it is. So well, we're lucky. We're blessed by it and seeing that creativity come alive. And people, especially maybe the ones that might be just a little hesitant or skeptical of their abilities, but to see it come to life and for them to put it into, let's say practice, and just enjoy that creative process. It just gives them a sense of satisfaction as well.

Heidi Kaisand :Oh, it is it is just so much fun. And we've met in the last golf a month in a week. We've been participating in the all Iowa shop pop since June first. And it goes through July 31. And we've had the opportunity to meet so many quilters not only from around the state, but they're coming from other states. It's so exciting. And I think it is fun to to it fuels us to see how they are creative.

Jami Willett: Oh, absolutely. They inspire. I personally, I can say me, but I think all of us people that come into the store, they give us ideas. They let us help them be creative, and putting stuff together. And just seeing even like you said from different states what it's like when they're bringing things or different ideas and different perspectives. It's It's such a great opportunity for everyone involved.

Heidi Kaisand: Yeah, yes. And if you have not heard about the all Iowa shop hop, it is an event that is two months long, June 1 to July 31. There is a passport that you can get, you can find it in the all Iowa shop pop book. And when you have that passport, you come to a participating shop and I believe are there at six shops in Iowa, I think so you come to a participating shop. And then you get a sticker that says you've been there, and you get a free fabric square. So it's really fun to be able to collect those and to kind of create your own little shop pop up. You can do it by region, or there's some people that are doing the entire state.

Jami Willett:There are and in fact, Teddy, we've had a few people in and we've had a couple people in already that are finishing either a region or the state. Yes.

Heidi Kaisand: And that's exciting. I think the earliest one was on June 14, that a woman came in and she'd already been to all 86 shops. That was exciting. She was I think a little tired. I think from traveling. I think they were ready to go home. That's a lot of shops in two weeks. That overlap. Yes. And and what's exciting is that of course we're normally just open our normal hours for the shop pop. But this coming Sunday, July 11 is what they refer to as Super Sunday, and our store will be open from 12 noon to 5pm. And so we normally are not open on Sunday afternoons, but this Sunday, you will find us at hen and chicks studio from noon to 5pm. So even if you're not on the shop hop, this is a great chance to get in the store. When you know you're off work, that kind of thing, because we're not normally open on Sundays. So you certainly might want to check us out coming Sunday. So that's that's kind of exciting.

Jami Willett: Absolutely. It's always fun.

Heidi Kaisand: Yes. Now, Jami, the last week has also been exciting because we have started our quilts for a cause. And if you have not heard yet, we are selling our store samples to help two causes. We This is the third year we've done this, and this year, we're splitting the proceeds between the American Cancer Society. And Chris Rinehart, who is a local teacher. Oh, we had Chris on the show a couple of weeks ago. And you know, we've actually had the American Cancer Society on earlier in June to help start talking about this. It feels so good for us to be able to help somebody else out with our quilts.

Jami WIllett: Oh, yes. And, you know, quilters, in general, I would say are very generous people. But even if we've seen that happening, you know, people not aren't quilters, but they appreciate the the store, sample the fundraising that we're doing, and they can contribute in that way, and still help a great cause and enjoy the cooking that they are getting.

Heidi Kaisand: No, absolutely. And so if anybody wants to learn more about our quilts for a cause, you can go to Hen and Chicks slash cause. And you will be able to learn all about both of the people that an organization that we're giving to as well as how you can participate. We're gonna take a quick commercial break, and we'll be back right after this. Welcome back to create with Heidi, and this is Heidi Kaisand. And I'm with Jami Willett, we're from hen and chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa. And we love talking about all things creative. And this month, is special in well every month is special, but this month is we've got some extra special things going on. vetoes. We're like we are blessed. And I think Jami would say the same thing in our, in our personal lives, we have so many blessings, God has given us so many opportunities to be able to do do good things and to be able to help other people. And so this month at Hen and Chicks studio, it feels extra good to be able to help two causes. If you want to learn more about what we're talking about, you can go Hen and chicks slash cause. But what we're doing is and we started on July 1, we've started to sell our store samples. And because there comes a point which the fabric is gone, that, you know, maybe the patterns sold out, the kits are gone that we were selling it. And of course, we're never done making quilts our way we have to make keep making more.

Jami Willett: Yeah, we do have to we just have to

Heidi Kaisand: Yeah, so you're not only are you helping to other causes, you're helping us this helps us you know, free up some space. So so that we can do this. But we just got done with a quilt show in our retreat center, showcasing the quilts, and I'm talking about them during our product showcase. You want to talk just a little bit about that, Jami?

Jami Willett :Well, and and Heidi, if people are unfamiliar, first of all, when we talk about the retreat center, we do have a retreat center upstairs and we were able to use that display all of these wonderful quilt samples or store samples. And they weren't all a quilt. Let's mention that too. Because maybe somebody is like, Oh, I want to help but I don't want a big quilt. There's other things now I will say some products already gone. So if you are interested in helping out when you see something you like, certainly shop online or call at the store and get that purchase. If somebody else doesn't sneak it out from underneath you don't wait too long,

Heidi Kaisand: because there is only one of one of each thing.

Jami Willett: Yeah, yep. And we know some hope I'm gonna go have gone quickly. And we want to make sure you know if you're interested that you get what you want. Don't sit on it and wait and see what happens because it's only there a limited time. But it is neat to be able to put them all out in a big space as we are able to have upstairs and just see all the different variety of colors and prints and fabrics and creativity that has happened within our store to be able to help somebody else put a smile on their face.

Heidi Kaisand: Yep, even Goldie and Virginia have gotten into the act. And I always tell them to encourage them to keep sewing I always say just keep making quilts and we'll find somebody that that needs that quilt at some point. So they pulled out a couple quilts they've made in the last couple of years that don't have didn't not have Specific home. And so they've put those on the sale, they make some bags, those are also on a sale. One of the things that I that I think is important just to make sure everybody knows. So say for example, the table runner is $50. And of course, you do have to pay sales tax for that item. So you would pay the $50 plus the sales tax, but 100% of that $50, or of this, the price of the item is being donated, we're obviously the sales tax goes to the state just like it's supposed to. But otherwise 100% of the purchase price is going to be donated and split between the American Cancer Society researchers, and Chris Rhinehart, who is a resident of Conrad, a teacher at BCLUW, and his fighting nets. And we we talked more about with her a couple weeks ago about what that is. And, you know, I, I just think there's so many people that have different battles, and I wish we could help everybody. You know, I mean, there's, you know, but I feel like in this particular case, not only can we help somebody that we know, and that we can, we can see, and we can we know how it's going to benefit her. But by giving half of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society researchers, which is focusing on women that are researching cancer, I feel like we're doing also doing something to help a lot of people because that

Jami Willett: Helps to help the bigger cause. And we both everyone is touched, in some way shape, or form by either one of these causes, or by Chris herself. All of our kids, your kids and my kids have all had her as a teacher is a friend, we know her personally. So we know like use mentioned, we can see how it will help her and her future. And of course, we want to help everyone, but it's, it's a great person to be able to help but also we are helping the greater cause.

Heidi Kaisand: Yes. And so many people with nearly 100 items, there's very are lots of things and you know, I'll challenge you, if we sell everything that's currently on the website, don't worry, I'm going to find quilts to sell Don't you know, I'll find something else to sell. Because there's, there's always more so don't think that we're ever going to run out. And so if we were to sell everything, we could potentially raise over $10,000. And wouldn't that be fabulous. And of course, you can watch our website at And you will see our our, our efforts and and how much we're raising as we update that. So, so certainly be looking at that. Switching gears just a little bit. Because there are so many different things to talk about. You admit it, we're talking a little bit about our retreat center. And it is a space back to sort of the quote, that I did that, excuse me, creativity, you know, doesn't wait for the perfect moment, getting an opportunity to step away from our busy schedules. And to be able to spend time in the retreat center with family or friends can really re energize somebody as well as help them be creative.

Jami Willett: Oh, absolutely. And you know, how do I on that point I would really like to touch on are, of course we have private retreats where they could come with a friend or two or 14 if they wanted to however they'd want to be. And that doesn't have to be quoting that they're doing up there. No, you know, if you just wanted a weekend away with your sisters and nieces or maybe you're having a nice weekend or a girlfriend weekend. We don't care if you quote one item, we just like that you come and enjoy and relax.

Heidi Kaisand: You could do yoga. I think we've had retreaters up there that brings some good books and it just enjoy the joy, the peace and quiet. Yeah, absolutely. You can knit you can scrapbook. You can go out for a walk on our Conrad comet trail.

Jami Willett: I mean, you can you can play games, you can bring board games and play games all weekend. It doesn't matter. And it's not just the weekends, it's available during the week as well.

Heidi Kaisand: Right. And I think that's once it was,

Jami Willett: Yes, it is sorry. I think what people might want to have maybe we talked about people waiting or maybe a little hesitant or cautious. You know, I'm not creative enough. I would really like to encourage some people to come to the retreats that we host to come create with me. And I know if you haven't been a part of it before, it might seem like oh my gosh, I don't know if I will. Or I might seem a little intimidating. But I want to encourage you go check out our dates for concrete with we we just finished up some of them. We have another one coming up at the end of July. Monthly we offer these dates. You want to be inspired. Don't be afraid Just come right in, go ahead and sign up this first day, you'll meet some wonderful people, you'll be inspired. And don't be hesitant.

Heidi Kaisand: And I think somebody was, I think somebody was just inspired and called juicy that they want to join in. Well, we're gonna take a quick commercial break, and we're going to be back right after this. Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand. And I'm with Jami Willett, we work at hen chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa. And it's where everything creative happens. I think it's it's just always bursting in with something going on. And before the break, Jami was talking about our come crate with me retreats. And I think what I want to piggyback on that conversation, Jami is that there are, there are so many relationships that come out of our concrete with me retreats, and not that you are going to come and you're going to maybe you think, you know, as I say walk away with the new best friend. But there is a support system that is growing in that group. Because there's a lot of things that they have in common. They enjoy being creative, and I love how they support each other in what they're doing. And I would say that the newest quilter would feel welcome. Because it now I'm gonna use the phrase mother hen, they're going to have on some days, there's, you know, 16 women there that would be like their mother, mother hen, and would be glad to help them through a challenge they might have. And, and I think there's just again, so much support. So nobody has to feel that they have to be a certain level of of experience. Basically, what you do to come create with me is it's from 9am to 6pm, you can come that entire time, you can come for a portion of that time. So if you need to leave at four o'clock, that's fine. If you need to come at 10 and stay till three. I mean, everybody does their own thing, whatever fits in their schedule, it's just that you have the chance to be there from 9am to 6pm. But you bring your own project. So we of course have cutting tables, we have irons, all of those you know work tables, work lights, but chairs, all that kind of stuff. But you bring whatever project it is you want to work on. Whether that's sewing scrapbooking, beading, we've had we have a beater Arlene is just a beautiful beater. Sometimes we have some crochet, knitting type, and project projects,

Jami Willett: Probably the only place we can say but we do have retreaters right now working up there, too. But different projects that you may not even think of like what's the rug hooking?

Heidi Kaisand: That's right, yes, we have a hiker. We can joke around about this. This is this is our you know, this is how we joke. But traditional rug hooking is a beautiful form of art. That is very simple to done with well, but then we of course like to joke that they're hookers. And they know that they're they're working on their projects. But yes, and and so yes, everybody is doing something different. So sometimes you become educated in some of these other projects.

Jami Willett: Absolutely. It is so much fun. And I just want to encourage or challenge somebody that has spied on it before and maybe had a little thought, oh, maybe I should do that. Why not today? Why not?

Heidi Kaisand: That's right. That's absolutely right. Because when you pay the fee, you we of course stock our refrigerator with beverages, water, pop, all that kind of stuff, coffee, so you don't have to bring any of that. And and you get a little welcome gift and you get a store discount. So if there's something you've been eyeing in the store, it's an opportunity for you to get a little bit of a gift, a discount on that. So that's fun as well. You can find find all of those retreats, of course, on our website, and we'll put links in this in this episode's rebroadcast on our website and stuff. So that'll all by there. Oh, there's there's always so much going on. And we could we could absolutely, you know, talk forever and we've got a couple of minutes left. And so the next thing I want to talk about is long arm quilting. And first of all, I got us, you know, that does not mean yes, I'm six foot tall and yes, I have long arms. But that's, that's not what we're talking about. We're not talking about stretching my arms out. We're talking about a machine that we have in our store. That is it's referred to as a long arm because of the style of machine. But what it does is it helps people finish quilts and talk about being passionate about helping people finish quilts. We are that aren't we we want to see Goes get well done.

Jami Willett: Yes. And there's a sense of satisfaction to a person, including us to see their person, but to a person who has pieced this quote together, and now they're quoting it themselves. It's a work of art and a work of love from start to finish all by themselves, it is such a wonderful opportunity for them to be able to finish that piece.

Heidi Kaisand: We did a survey recently. And a good portion of the people responded, that they know we do long arm quilting, and that you can rent the machine and do that, but they're scared. And I think that is something that we're going to be working really hard to, I'm going to say, Make that, like, what do you want to say? That's a not not a truth. That is that's afraid we don't want anybody to be scared about it. Because it really is quite simple. We have lots of great quilters that would tell you that it's not scary.

Jami WIllett: And and I think Heidi, you and I can both agree. There could be an intimidation factor that might be holding somebody back. It's a big machine. Yeah, it's a big machine. But you got to understand this is like a like a loop and you just got to dance and move your way and let that machine do its work and you guide it along. And it's actually when you let yourself and give yourself the opportunity to learn it. You will be so surprised how much enjoyment you get from giving yourself that new skill.

Heidi Kaisand :Yeah, absolutely. Well, Jami, as always, we've got a lot going on at hen and chicks studio. We want everybody to visit Hen and Chicks Studio in calm Conrad or online at you'll find everything you need to know about quilting and all things creative. We're open Monday through Friday 10 to 5 and Saturday 10 to 3. And thank you so much for joining us and until next week. Be creative