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Randa Roberts of So Comfy Designs joins Heidi to talk about upcycling leather products into new ones, on this episode of Create With Heidi! 
Randa lives in Sarnia, Ontario which she feels allowed her business to thrive. She said there are many business owners in her community who all love to support each other which allowed her to become "Sarnia Famous!" 

So Comfy Designs originally started from Randa's first handmade product all the way back in 2012 when she began making clothing and accessories from recycled and upcycled t-shirts. Her first ever product was braided headbands made from her husband's old work t-shirts. Everyone who put on one of these headbands commented on how comfy they were and that is how the business name of So Comfy Designs came to be! 

Today, Randa no longer makes things out of recycled t-shirts. Instead, she works strictly with reclaimed and recycled leather to make various accessories and bags. Some of Randa's favorite leather items she's gotten to upcycle include leather vests, pants, and even pieces of an old leather couch! Her most common order is from people bringing in leather jackets and asking for them to be made into a custom bag! Even though her materials have changed slightly over the years, Randa says before she sends a product out the door she still tries it on to ensure it is "so comfy."

To shop Randa's work you can check out her Etsy Shop here.
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