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Good morning and welcome to create with Heidi. I'm Heidi Kaisand, owner of hen and chick studio in Conrad, Iowa and lover of all things creative. Each week here on create with Heidi we like to cover topics that educate and inspire you about how people are being creative. Whether it's quilting, scrapbooking food wall or just hanging out with others who seem to have their creative Mojo grooving in all the right directions. We are excited to share these things with you. Today, we are going to be talking about gifts who doesn't like to get a gift because you know, even when we say Oh, I really don't need anything. We all still like to receive something special something that is a you know, some that somebody has gotten us even if it is a small thing. And so today I welcome coworker, and CO staff member Jamie Willett. And she and I are going to fill your ideas in fill your head not with sugar, plum fairies, but with ideas of things that you could stuff stockings with for your favorite quilter or creative person. Or it could be some of the things might be actual gifts, all sorts of things we hope we can inspire, inspire you today to find some of those last minute gifts as we're just a little over a week out from Christmas. So good morning, Jamie. How are you doing today? Well, I'm doing great, well, good. And we we got organized this year. And, and we actually made a web page heading check idea. And it is a great page where all of these items are listed. And we've even gone to organizing it so that it is listed kind of by price. It's not everything in our store that would fit into that category. But certainly some things that we want wanted to highlight or bring to our customers attention.

Jami Willett 2:09 Oh, absolutely. And the nice thing about it too heady if if I can say, as we're talking about all things creative, there are things that happen in studio that are not just for a quilter per se, we have items that can go for basically anyone from under $10 to of course the more expensive items as well,

Heidi Kaisand 2:30 you you bet and and I think that that's something that we're you know, we always tried to know that there are people out there that still like things that are creative, even if they're not a quilter. For example, let's get started with the watercolor note cards that we carry at the store, we actually have two different artists, Debbie Simpson and Carolyn reader, both who we've actually had here on the show, but both of them are beautiful watercolor artists, but in very different genres. I mean, I would not describe their art as being anywhere similar other than the technique that they're using. And we sell cards from each of them. And blank should say they're blank, they don't have, you know, a note on the inside. And I think in this world of so many emails and so many texts, that sometimes we crave, being able to have a handwritten note that we can drop in the mail to somebody. And we, the again, that the the designs on them are so different, that it does make it really fun for just about anybody to enjoy.

Jami Willett 3:42 Oh, yes. And, and as I'm thinking about some of the different designs that both of them have. Currently, breeders are definitely more on the classic barn scenery type thing with a very muted tone, but painting beautiful pictures of barns in different styles of barn that and then you have Debbie sense of that. It's just all over the board from from farm type stuff from cattle, the tractors that trade the quote, the campus, the flowers,

Heidi Kaisand 4:15 yes. And she she loves the Iowa State Fair. So there's even a few images that are iconic to the Iowa State Fair. But yeah, she's definitely Oh, she's even got a more recent one. I remember having one of those telephones that was on wheels. Yep, yeah, that was on wheels and we pulled it in so then when you pulled it, then it made noise, the bell ding or something, it rang or however you want to say it and she has a watercolor drawing of that and every time I look at that, I just smile because of course it brings up memories of things that we had as a child, that kind of thing. So those are a great whether it be a stocking stuffer, and you know, to even further that. So say there's somebody I mean, you could think of this in the form of a gift. Say there's somebody you want to hear from. And if I were to put together a packet of cards and stamps and even maybe add the addresses on them, if that's what helps, but like, I cherish notes that I have in my mother's handwriting, my grandmother's handwriting, and I think, wouldn't it be fun if you gave a little set of notes to somebody special in your life and said, Hey, write me a note every month or for the for the next year or something so that you could have those to cherish for years to come.

Jami Willett 5:41 And that's a great idea Heidi, like pre even if it's not back to you, but pre addressing that envelope with a stamp on it so that they could send it to you know, someone?

That's Heidi Kaisand 5:52 a great idea. Yeah, cuz postage isn't getting cheaper either, is it? No, no, no. Well, now back to stocking stuffers. Another thing that we recently that's probably at this point, probably about a month ago now, but we did a Facebook Live. And whenever you hear us talk about videos, all those videos are available on our website to see but we did one specifically about pins. And I really got into talking about the different kinds of pins that are out there. And it might sound really funny that were worth like, you know, it gets a pin really that important. But oh my, they they can be important. And I want to talk just a little bit about a couple of those things that we could put in stock into somebody stalking, but we're gonna take a quick commercial break, and we'll be back right after this. Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand from hen and chicks studio. And today, my guest is coworker Jaime Willett. And we're having fun talking about all things, gifts, things that you could put in people's stockings, and others. And right before the break, I mentioned that not all pins are created equal. And that is something that even our avid quilters, a few of them were surprised when we started showing them the difference between pins that are out there, whether they be thin pins, or long pins. And it really is quite interesting. But everybody enjoys a new box of pins don't die.

Jami Willett 7:25 It's kind of like a box of crayons. You know, I always even now, I still enjoy a box of crayons. But the pins in we have a variety of different sizes and pins. And even again, if you're not necessarily a quilter there's times in life when everybody uses pins. And it's a lot of times the thing that you don't have when you need it so even something like a safety pin or just a pin something that you're working on. Those are things that are easy little stocking stuffers that aren't super expensive item that you could throw in

Heidi Kaisand 7:57 absolutely and, and no quilter would ever be upset if you got them a rotary cutting blade. And for those of you it might sound again one of those funny items but a fresh rotary cutting blade and they're not cheap. They're you know, they're it's one of those items that it's not cheap, but it's so makes a difference when you're quilting. Well, burgers to Oh yes. Yes, absolutely. Well, let's bump that up a little bit. So we've got that you know the the gifts. Now we're you know, talking about maybe something that we do want to share more than just a stocking stuffer. And let's talk about that $10 to $25 range, what might be your first item on that list that you would enjoy giving as a gift well received, or is it should say or receiving

Jami Willett 8:43 or receiving? Well either way, there's so many options in here. But one thing that's kind of fun, we have an exclusive just a very limited time through this month available with our head and Chip earrings. And they are just the most adorable little disc earrings that have a hand and the checks on them. That's a fun thing to give that would be used multiple times for years of course to come. So that's really fun idea to have. Another thing that kind of go along with the pins is those circle pin cushions people may not be aware of but it's basically this giant magnet that you can put. I guess you could use it for other things besides pins too. But it's a great little gift to give for the sower because those pins don't get lost and then if you accidentally drop something you can just take that night and go over the floor and pick them up.

Heidi Kaisand 9:32 Yes. And you know the circle is also good for men or or women who might have a woodworking shop and they've got nails. Even on the on the illustration on the circle. They show nuts and bolts and I can only imagine my dad would really love having one of those to keep all those pieces from going all over. Now I have to tell you that one of my faves items on the list would be our Choose happy T shirts that are out there. You know, it's something that I think I've said it more than once this year, but we have the choice of how we wake up every morning, it doesn't mean that every morning or every day is without its bumps in the road, or you know, it's emotional, different emotions, those kinds of things. But I like to think that I have a choice to choose happy every day. And I and I do. And so we had T shirts made this past year with that motor that motif on it, and love being able to see other people wearing that T shirt. That certainly has been fun. And those are available for sale. So that that is an item that I would definitely put out there and I would love receiving one.

Oh, yeah, I agree. 100%. With that, yes.

You know, the another thing that is on this list that I'm going to liken it to that. Sometimes getting one bigger gift is hard for somebody because you know, maybe maybe your own budget, maybe our budget is something tough anyway. But maybe it's a gift that could give throughout the year. And we have our 2022 feathered friends registration right now. And it is a monthly subscription box where each, whether you're a chick, a hen or a rooster, you get to choose which level you come in at. And obviously, the chick is smaller than the hen than the rooster. As they go up. Every every member of our feathered friends club gets a chick chatter newsletter. In it, there is a very fun project from a well known designer, there's a doodle by me, there's usually a recipe and some, some other I'll say inspirational motivational kinds of information that and sometimes instructional we sometimes you know, do some little how tos and things. It just depends on what the month is. But everybody in the feathered friends club gets that. And then each month again, depending on which level you're at, you get product. And you don't know what the product is it's coming. So it's like a gift that arrives every every month. And sometimes the product is exclusive to feathered friends, like we're not putting that out on the floor. Sometimes it's a it's just a unique combination that we put together for our feathered friends. But that could be a gift that you could that you literally could give to somebody, we pay for it each month. So it's not like it doesn't have to be paid for all upfront. You can pay each month as you go. So or store or say for example, that your budget allows you three months worth, you can you can you know, give that in the form of a gift certificate to that person or arrange with us to for you to pay for a certain number of months. I know some families have already gone together for a couple of our customers. And you were talking that, for example, you have three siblings, that the four of you could split the year up for your mom, if that's what you decided to do and break that out. But have it be a gift that literally gives all year long.

Jami Willett 13:26 Yes. And that always makes me chuckle when we talk about that. Because you know, it's just such a nice thing to give the gift that keeps on giving to kind of take something from the Christmas vacation movie, but it is true. And it's like you've done some similar things for your mom to and every month it's just like they get reminded every month has the gift that you're giving them. So that is a really neat thing to be able to do.

Heidi Kaisand 13:49 Yes, and it's just that little treat that doesn't can arrive every month. So that is certainly fun. Well let's talk a little bit about sort of that next range and and starting at $25 to $50. And the first thing that comes to my mind when we hit sort of hit that $25 mark are gift certificates. Because you cannot go wrong buying a gift certificate, gift certificate for a quilter because there is always always something that they want, whether it is a piece of fabric and or maybe they need thread or those kinds of things. So a gift certificate is is wonderful. And our website is set up so that you can go right now to our website and go to the shop all products page and at the top it says gift certificate you select the amount and literally as you pay for it you get a downloadable and printable gift certificate so that you can be ready to go instantly with something to give to a recipient. So if you're Doing very last minute shopping, it is a very quick and easy way to have something to wrap.

Jami Willett 15:08 Yes. And anytime that we do have a gift certificate one thing is to know whom you're purchasing it for if you're doing it online, or put it in their name as well. And we also have that way, when they come in, we have record of their number as well. So if they lose the certificate or something of that we tried our best to make sure that everybody can get what they need, even if they've misplaced it or anything like that.

Heidi Kaisand 15:37 That's exactly right. Well, we've got some great ideas. And I know we have a few more to talk about. We're going to take a quick commercial break and be back right after this. Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand. And I'm talking with Jamie Willett, my coworker and fellow staff member at hen and chick studio in Conrad. And oh, that's getting It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, we could break into song Jamie, and, and have some fun with that. Everybody, I'm sure at this point is either scrambling to get those last minute gifts. But we certainly have lots of items, and lots of inspiration, inspiration at hand and check studio for what you could get for your quilter or creative person in your life. And we've created a website, a web page, head in check idea with all sorts of links to make it as easy as possible for you to go in and try to find those those items that might be perfect. So before the break, we were talking about gifts sort of in that $25 to $50 range. Is there anything else on that list? Jamie that just strikes you as something that you would definitely want people to know about?

Jami Willett 16:56 Oh, gosh, there's too many things.

Heidi Kaisand 17:00 What about what about the three yard bundles, I know you love those,

Jami Willett 17:04 oh, I do love those the three our bundles. And that's that's a fun as a quarter Sower, that's a fun little gift to get because it still gives you creative creativity and choices of what you want to do with it. But it's like a kind of a little jumpstart on a project that you didn't know you're gonna have to do. So that's a fun thing to do. Yes.

Heidi Kaisand 17:24 And the other thing that I think of also is are concrete with me days, and we already have all of our dates set for 2022. And that is a day that cost $35 per person. And plus tax and that is a day where a quilter scrapbooker rug hooker CardMaker does not matter what your craft choice of craft is, you can come and dedicate from 9am to 6pm, to work on your projects, with the fellowship of a lot of other super creative and nice women that enjoy doing, you know, doing these retreats, not only because they get their own projects done, but because they get to be inspired by those around them.

Jami Willett 18:17 And I would highly recommend that as well. Because it is it is such a fun time for us. And for the ladies that are upstairs being creative in whatever way they decide to be creative. And so if you are looking for something different, besides just the gift to give, I would really that's that as a great thing for your mom or aunt or somebody that you know, it's just giving them a timeout and maybe even giving them some new friendship.

Heidi Kaisand 18:46 Absolutely. You know, one of the things I often think about, you know, people know we have a retreat center. And my my joke sort of is if you have friends that you can quilt with and so with and scrapbook with, great because then you can have a private retreat at our retreat center, and we do lots of those. But, you know, even though these activities are you often find other people. Sometimes you do get into circles that you maybe you've got lots of friends, but they don't do the exact same kinds of hobbies than you do. And that is one thing that's wonderful about come crate with me. retreats is basically we host it and you can come by yourself. You don't have to come with any friends. You don't have to bring any friends because I guarantee you you're gonna go home with friends and quit and that so so don't be afraid that if you say well, I don't have somebody to go with or anything like that. This is the most welcoming group. The ladies after after doing this for 10 years. We have ladies that come regularly from the Marshalltown area traer. Go Webster City a major fall Cedar Falls Yes, I'm everywhere. And I love it because they are so welcoming to that new person that comes. And, you know, and they they just enjoy being able to spend the day again, being creative with others. Okay, Jamie, I want your last item that you think that you might want to either again receive as a gift or give as a gift. Tell me what that might be.

Jami Willett 20:27 Well, you know, I'm going to pick something that would be not even for a quilter at all, because some people may not realize but we do have some original watercolors by Carolyn reader, which is one of the car people we spoke of earlier. But these original watercolors are framed, matted, framed, ready to go. They are foreign scenes. They're absolutely beautiful. But that can be for anyone, a man, a woman. A wedding gift, it could be for anything and people may not realize it that we have something like that in our store.

Heidi Kaisand 21:04 Yes. Yep, it is a little bit different. And so definitely can come in and see them in their original and just framed beautifully and makes a great gift for anybody in the family. So, so many great gift ideas. Visit hen and chick studio in Conrad or online at hen and chick to find everything you need to know about quilting and all things creative. And until next week. Be creative