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Good morning and welcome to create with Heidi. I'm Heidi Kaisand, owner of hen and chick studio in Conrad, Iowa, and lover of all things creative. Each week here on create with Heidi we like to cover topics that educate and inspire you about how people are being creative. Whether it's quilting, scrapbooking, food, wool, or just hanging out with others who seem to have their creative Mojo grooving in all the right directions. We are excited to share these things with you. I always like to start the show with a quote and today's quote, I think fits perfectly with our topic to ensure good health, eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life. And that is William Lowden. And we could, I think, talk about all of those things for the next half hour. But today, I'd like to welcome my guests and they're actually in this studio, which is not usual for me. So it's so nice to have local people here. But I have Heather Needleman, and Kelly Larson. And they are both nutritionist and health coaches. And we're going to have a great conversation this morning about what you ladies are bringing to the communities, and not only Marshalltown but soon to be in Conrad. And that is so exciting. So welcome. Glad to have both of you here. Thank you. Yes. And so Heather, let's start with you. You know, the being healthy, and living healthy is such an I mean, it's such a big topic these days, because of course it should be we should be leaving living as healthy as we can. How did you get into you know, that that field and that, you know, the nutrition part
of it?
Yes, I was intrigued with my mom, in Albert Lea Minnesota. She visits a nutrition Club, which is called Ignite nutrition. And Albert Lee, and we started visiting every day as I visited, and I loved the atmosphere. I love the positive vibes that I received, it was just an all around positive vibe. They were helpful and cheerful.
And were they trying to I mean, in that particular time, was it was it weight loss was an exercise what what kind of, you know, group was it that that you were a part of,
at that time since I lived here. I was just visiting my mom. That's where my mom lives. So I was just going into enjoy something unhealthy. And it was like ice cream to me at that time. So I had no idea what I was even like drinking, I just knew that it was good and tasted
good. And so it was really about what you were eating as much as everything. Yes. And so where did it go from there?
I just kept visiting every time because I craved them. And I wanted to learn how I could get them back at home. So I started talking to Alicia who is the owner. And I was able to start making them at home since I was two hours away. So that's kind of how my journey all started about four years ago, honestly.
All right. And so what has happened here in Marshalltown, you actually have a called brick and mortar a bit. You have a retail business where people can walk in and what what is what is that business? Correct? Yes. So
about a year ago, we purchased our new home in May and so may 21st of last year during COVID time I opened the nutrition club, but it was an in home club. So I had it out of my home. First I had it open during my lunch hour because I ran it over my lunch, Eric so I was working full time. So as
most as most entrepreneur, entrepreneurs, that's how we start, isn't it? We're trying to balance all sorts of things and find what we were passionate about.
Correct. And that's how I needed to start figure out if it was going to work and if our community really wanted something like that and if it was a need for the community. That's what it was all about was just trying to build what our community needed. They needed something healthier people were asking for it and they were very curious what it was.
Okay, and so tell me what kinds of things are were you selling then and are that you're selling now?
Yes. So it's about the same, basically is the same. So it's Herbalife is the product, and we serve healthy meal replacement shakes that offered 200 calories, 24 grams of protein 21 vitamins and minerals. And I call them in our nutrition club energy bombs and or teas. You can get a tea or you can get it as an energy bomb or a booster per se. And so it's like replacing those junky energy drinks.
Oh, there's, I'm sure there's definitely some bad stuff out there to eat. We know that we absolutely know that. So what we're going to do, we're going to take a quick commercial break. But when we come back, I would love to know more about how we how you help people figure out what is the best food for them, replacement meal, those kinds of things. And we'll talk more about that when we come back. Perfect. This is Heidi Kaisand from hen and chick studio in Conrad. Here's Paige with her story of quilting at hand and check Oh, I
quilt a lot. I do. I use pen and chicks quite a bit. I love Heidi, I even tend to manipulate the patterns that I use to fit what I want. She's always so helpful. It really is a lot of fun to spend time with my family members as well as you know, Friends, we get a lot of talking done a lot of reminiscing and you know, we work so well together doing our quilts that it just goes so smoothly and and Heidi is always there or available for us if we have any questions or need anything. And we of course can go downstairs. And if we forgot a piece of fabric or forgot we need more rotary cutters or anything that we might have forgotten it's down there. And we can just grab it and buy it and we don't
have to worry about it hen and chick studio at 101 North Main Street in Conrad, schedule a retreat today and come make some memories with us online at hen and chick Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand. And I'm with Heather nietzermann. And Kelly Larson of t 2k. Nutrition here in Marshalltown. And before the break, Heather was talking about her start and how, you know she was doing this out of her home to see if there was a need in the community. And obviously you were finding that there was a need. Yes. And it's a where you know, where did that take you then?
Yep. So we decided after a year of being in the home, we were going to expand and start looking for a commercial building. And so that has led us into the Nicholas Center. 2501 South Center Street sweet tea, so it's kind of fitting 42k nutrition. And so that's where our commercial building is at.
And is the Nicklaus building down. I'm gonna say by Sherwin Williams and subway and all that down there. Okay,
we're in a strip mall.
I didn't say I hadn't. I wasn't sure that I knew the name of that building. There we go now. Yes, I did. Yes. And so what kind of hours do you have there? Just out of curiosity? Is it a full like you're there every day? What are your hours? Yes,
we are. We're there Monday through Thursday. 5am. To 8pm. And Fridays, 5am to 4pm. Saturdays seven to two and Sundays nine to one.
Oh, yeah. So you've got a very full schedule. Yeah. Okay. So what can people expect AT T 2k? And it was an interesting name, and which maybe you want to explain why? Why is the name what it is?
Yeah. So I have three children. Tyler, so he's the tea. And I have two K's kinik and Kenly. So they're after my children.
Well, that's awesome. And if we could have a conversation about how we name our businesses, mine is hen and chicks. And there's one hand and three chicks. And that's because I have three children as well. So yeah, so it's interesting how those things can transpire and inspire us to name our businesses and you to Kelly Do you have it? You have a reason for the name of the business that will be in Conrad?
Yes. So it's also family oriented, hang loose kind of encompasses like my brother, and my dad who has passed always wanting to own a business and so like he has hang loose Harbor, where his summer home is and so I wanted to bring Hain loose to Conrad to be like, Let's relax, like, let's, let's, you know, take care of ourselves. And so it's very family oriented as well.
That's awesome. And we're going to talk more about hang loose in a minute, but it is I think it's always fun in small businesses to be able to incorporate that personality of the owner and I know that we strive on that at hand and check studio is that I mean, I mean people know me just like they you know, know anybody else I guess in the store, but it's it's fun. It's fun to include that. Yeah. So at t 2k. Again, what are what are customers going to expect to pay come in? Do I have to be a part of your health program? Do I have to have a membership? Is it is it just walking in customers?
Yep, you can just simply walk in we'll explain the menu to you. We have basic shakes, basic tees, and then you could like I was stating you can get a boosted t as well. But what comes in what's included in our incoming into the club is a one on one coaching if you would like it. So we have our regulars who literally just want to walk in get their shake will walk in and get their tea and go on their merry way who come in every single day and we love them just As much as we love our one on one customers, but we also do have our customers who are preferred members and our VIP. And then we have those that decide to join later on as distributors as wellness coaches, which is what Kelly had decided to do as well. And then we have the ones that we just help coach. So it's one on one coaching,
you know, I actually have a degree in food nutrition. So, you know, knowing what is right and what is wrong and with nutrition doesn't mean it comes naturally to me, I understand that. But putting that into action, can be a whole different topic. And it's not that I was excessively overweight, but I certainly knew that my weight was reaching a top point a couple of years ago, because certain things on my health where you know, the blood pressure, the thyroid, the you know, all those kinds of things were, you know, being affected my cholesterol kind of thing. And I knew I had to take action. So I actually joined a nutritionist, and in a kind of a group coaching setting. And it was amazing how the accountability, I think is probably the word I want to come up with. That is that you put on yourself, and that, you know, that that coach can put on. And I'm assuming is that the kind of thing that you're when you're working with a member that you are, are doing those kinds of things, helping them figure out what is best for them.
Yes, it's listening to what the customers are wanting and needing. So it's, I'm their accountability coach, if they're wanting to lose two pounds, 250 pounds, that's what I'm helping them achieve. I sit down with them, we figure out what their plan is, and what they need to do going forward. And not only that, but we host like seven week challengers. And they come in and I teach them for one hour on what to do based off of their calories, their protein, what their three magic numbers are. And we grow from there, we learn about nutritional facts. We learn about how to read properly a food label. And we we learn about all those fun, wonderful things that some topics people don't really want to talk about. Like including, like, if you're not pooping, you're not losing. So it's all those fun topic.
Isn't that an interesting way to say, oh, yeah, and we were having this conversation sort of at the store the other day about, you know, what we put into our bodies, you can really make a difference, whether it be MSA to help us lose weight or to energize us and, and I have gotten into such a routine of a balanced protein diet, with fats and carbs. That yesterday just because of the situation I had, although I sometimes take things with me to help balance that out. It didn't quite work the way I wanted it to. And by six o'clock last night, I did not feel good. And I knew it was because I had not had that balance of what I needed and what my body is used to. And it was it was very weird. Actually, I hadn't had that feeling in a long time because I again, I work very hard to think about what I am eating, you know, putting in my mouth kind of thing. So you know, do you have any success stories or anything that you'd like to share?
Yeah, I since I, I had gastric bypass surgery actually. So three years ago, so since I've had gastric bypass, I've been able to maintain my weight loss, where others sometimes have potentially put on weight gain throughout their journey after their year. And so by using and choosing Herbalife products, and I use them every single day, because they're a part of my life, along with my families, my kids use them because they're safer kids as well. I've been able to maintain my 173 pounds that I've lost. I since I've been on the actual Herbalife products, I've lost an additional 23 inches. And so that's my own success story. Kelly, obviously, I am her wellness coach. So she has her own various success story and so I'm not going to share hers. But I have other success stories like my husband who has stopped drinking caffeine and has switched to the energy teas and drinks a shake by adding in the progress which helps keep you fuller longer for three to four hours and helps reduce belly fat in the midsection. And he's lost a total of 32 pounds. We actually just got done with a six week challenge and he lost a total of 17 and six weeks and a lot of inches as well. So it's more about focusing on the things that you need to focus on and if the scales not moving, it's the inches that sometimes are losing and people don't realize that they focus on this scale.
Yes. Well, so you're living this you're you're living and breathing exactly what you Are are selling and I think that speaks volumes for, I'm gonna say a good testimonial for for what it is you're doing? Well we're having a great time talking time is going quickly as it always does. So we're gonna take a quick commercial break and we'll be back and then we want to hear more from Kelly and what's going to be happening and Conrad. Yes. This is Heidi Kaisand from hen and chick studio in Conrad. Here's page with her story of quilting at hen and chick studio,
I have done quite a few retreats up there, she has a great space, I love going up there because especially when I'm cutting fabric, and if you're cool to your own, just seeing this, it's up higher, so you're not bending over. And she has these display mounts so we can you can put it up there and reorganize rather than having to lay it on the floor. It's a it's a great space up there friends, my mom and my sister we all go together my aunt actually a lot of us do it together. And a lot of time we work on the same quilt together. So there's one person cutting one person sewing one person ironing, we can whip out a quote in a few hours depending on the size head and check
studio at 101 North Main Street and Conrad, schedule a retreat with friends and family today and come make some memories with us online at Hidden chick Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand from hen and chick studio in Conrad, Iowa. And we are having fun talking to Kelly and Heather about nutrition. And Kyle always does a you know this day in history piece on his own show morning show. And he shared with us this on this date in 1966 ingredients are required to be listed on food packages. And this is the first truth in packaging law. And before the break. Heather was talking about that, you know, understanding how to read a label and oh my gosh, I think there's so much misconception about what you know they what they can say in words. And you know, this is the first truth and packaging line. And I think that there's so much of that. And Kelly, I'm sure that you can also speak to that. labels aren't all created equal?
Yeah, most certainly. So I think Heather had mentioned earlier about some of the trainings that we do one on one and things like that in class and we learn how to read labels properly, and so forth. And so this is something that we most certainly look at. And we take examples of labels of perhaps like Herbalife products as compared to what you find in the store. I think it's really important for us to realize what we're putting into our bodies in addition to like the products that we serve the community with Herbalife products, but those that you get every day at the store. And so I think the journey that I've taken with Herbalife has really taught me a lot about nutritional facts. So I'm clearly not a you know, certified as a nutritionist, but we go through a lot of training so that we understand what we're putting into our bodies and that teach us how to do that at the at the grocery store every day. And so we're all normal people, and we all just want to do what's best for our body to make ourselves feel better. And reading those labels is certainly really important.
And one of the things that always has been important to me is that whatever health path health, you know, nutrition path you take, you have to be able to maintain it forever, because it can't be a short fix will be just that it'll be a short fix, it's got to be something that you can maintain sustain those kinds of things. And that's one thing I know, when not, you know, I'm going to be very interested to come down to see what you what you guys sell, because I think that's something that for me has been so important is that I can eat some normal foods, but I know where I can throw in some protein. I know when there's some products and protein bars, different things that I can you know, nutrition drinks, that I can have in when I you know, can treat myself to some of those things. But at the same time, I know what I can eat right out of my refrigerator and make it easy because again, you got family and you got to make you got to keep life going and stuff and and I want to be able to do all of those things. So tell me so you started as a client it sounds like with Heather, but what has happened now you've taken that and you're opening a is it a branch? Is that what we're calling it yet? Conrad?
Yes. So it will be duplicating a club in which a coach has already sort of set up so T to K hang loose will be like a subsidiary or duplication of clubs from Heather. At some point I hope to be able to take over that business so Heather can continue to duplicate other clubs and things like that. So yeah, As Heather is my personal wellness coach, I came to her, it was sort of like October, November, December of last year, I kind of started, I lost my job in health care, I needed to take care of myself. And I was struggling physically and mentally. And so I went to Heather, because she posted some really cool things on Facebook with what she was presenting to the community. And so I went in with one of my friends, she told me exactly what she did, it was right on her lunch hour. And then it kind of turned into something that I'm like, Oh, I wonder if I could work there. And she had like, said something about hiring and much different hiring than what we're used to. We're doing COVID and things like that. And so I had reached out to Heather and it sort of just like fell into place. And myself since like December of last year has lost like 30 pounds myself 36 inches, my family as well, it does the products. And so we are literally a product of the product. I feel like we don't have to say anything about the products at times because we can speak from personal experience, and they can see how we are and they can see what the club is club environment is like and so it really turned in to a business opportunity for myself. I worked in health care all my life. And this is just like a branch off of that. So something that I have a passion to do. Heather keeps me accountable. And so that that's what we do. And I'm super excited, or we're super excited to be in Conrad.
So hang loose, is going to be the name of your store, I'm going to call the store and it will be just down the street from hen and chick studio, same side of the street, not quite two all the way to something to share. So we don't have a far way to go, I'm gonna have to start, you know, making my my plan of how I'm going to come down there. Because again, I love energy drinks and those kinds of things that are healthy. And so opening will be soon.
Yeah, we're hoping in the next couple of weeks. I know that we've kind of been in suspense here. We started this a few months ago. But we do have the hang loose a nutrition Facebook page up and running. So we invite people to come come invite themselves to that. So they can kind of see what's been going on. We've been posting some pictures about installations and our build out and pictures, you know, of ourselves doing that. And so that's exciting for the community. I got an opportunity to meet with Krista grant and Laurie Stansbury this earlier this week. And so it just really got me pumped to to be in the community and be an active member there. So we're at 121 North Main Street. As you said, Heidi, so step on in or hours right now will probably be like Monday through Friday 9am to one or 2pm. But most certainly we have the availability to do some pop up hours on the weekends, mornings and things like that. So we're excited to be in the community
and so that we keep up to date with you as your Facebook page, the best place to do that. Yes, I
would say go ahead and go on and like that hang loose nutrition, hang loose all one word, nutrition. You'll see like our little logo with the with the hang loose and just keep your eyes on that page. And we should have updates.
You bet and we put a link we will put a link into the page when we put upload today's show on my podcast page on the web's our website. So our listeners can all go there as well. And I know we certainly enjoyed when you guys brought some samples of your energy drinks to the store. Nobody, nobody turned them down. And some of us were like, hey, you know, we could we could drink this all afternoon. Well, it has been my pleasure having you ladies, I'm looking forward to having you on the same street with us. In Conrad. That will certainly be fun. And we certainly encourage all of you to visit hidden chicks studio in Conrad or online at hen and chicks And until next week, be Creative