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Welcome to another installment of the Hen House Happy Hour Connection Series!
Hen and Chicks Studio was so excited to offer a teaching video with Rhonda Pierce of Schmetz Needles!  WOW - who knew there was so much information we didn't know we needed to learn about sewing needles!  Grab a pen and paper to take notes as you watch (or re-watch) our class!

Rhonda has a dream job... teaching sewing fans about the most important 2" piece of steel in the sewing machine - the SCHMETZ needle.  She creates programs and support materials that are easy and well organized for fast needle knowledge.  Rhonda's proudest professional accomplishment is the 2014 availability of color coded needles to her sewing public.    

During Rhonda's SCHMETZ classes, students respond with "a ha" moments and giggles as they learn needle facts.  She enjoys sharing needle knowledge in classrooms and sewing shows throughout North America.  She travels with the SCHMETZ "Super" Needle - it's 17" tall - and always asks "What's Your Favorite SCHMETZ Needle?"  

Rhonda publishes the "must read" monthly SCHMETZ newsletters and the esteemed SCHMETZ Inspired to SEW.

Make sure you go visit Rhonda's website too!  Sew More Stitches

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