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How to Miter Corners of a Quilt

Make this holiday wall hanging with just two things--a panel and a stripe border! All you have to do is miter the corners of the wall hanging to get a dramatic Christmas wall hanging. Follow our easy steps below to miter the corners of your quilt.

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Fold each strip of fabric in half crosswise; press lightly to mark centers. Fold quilt center in half in each direction and press lightly to mark center of each edge. Pin a fabric strip to quilt center edge, matching the center marks and allowing excess border strip to extend beyond the corner edges. Sew together, beginning and ending the seam 1/4" from the quilt center’s corners. Repeat to sew border strips to remaining edges. Press all seams toward border.

To miter each corner, lap one border strip over the other (Miter 1 and Miter 2).

Miter 1

Miter 2

Miter 3

Align the edge of a ruler with the raw edge of the top strip so the triangle’s long edge intersects the border seam in the corner. (Miter 3)

Draw along the ruler edge from the seam to the raw edge. (Miter 4)

Miter 4
Place the bottom fabric strip on top and repeat the marking process. (Miter 5 and Miter 6)

Miter 5

Miter 6

Miter 7

Miter 8

With right sides together, match marked seam lines and pin. (Miter 7)

Beginning at the inside corner, sew together the strips, stitching exactly on the marked lines. Check the right side to see that the corner lies flat.

Trim excess fabric, leaving 1/4" seam allowance. (Miter 8) Press seam open.

The Finished Miter

How much stripe fabric will you need? 

For side border strip length, measure through quilt center from top to bottom, then add twice the border width plus 6".  For example, if your quilt measures 40" long and your border is 5" wide, you would cut your side border strips 56" long (40" + 10" + 6"). For top and bottom border strip length, measure through quilt center from side to side, then add twice the border width plus 6".

In our store sample, we used 1 1/2 yards of stripe fabric.