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Good morning and welcome to create with Heidi. I'm Heidi Kaisand, owner of hidden chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa, and lover of all things creative. Each week here on create with Heidi. We like to cover topics that educate and inspire you about how people are being creative. Whether it's quilting, scrapbooking food with others who seem to have their creative Mojo grooving in all the right directions. We are excited to share these things with you. Each week, I love to start with a quote because there's so many things out there that can inspire you. And today Picasso every everything you can imagine is real. And boy, do we at hen and chick studio like to imagine everything. And there are many mornings when my coworker Jamie Willett comes in. And she says, Heidi, I have an idea. And we laugh the first thing we do is laugh. And but this morning, I've got Jamie on with us. Good morning, Jamie.
Good morning. And I always have an idea. Yes.
And isn't it fun that we do? I love I love that part because quilty crafting being creative. It should spur us on idea after idea after idea. It's It's endless. I don't I don't. I think if we ran out of ideas, that would be a sad day. It would be it would be it would be. And so we're always coming up with things at hand and check studio. And this month already is off to a great start. We're already a few weeks into it. But we are doing again Friday frenzy. And that is every This happens every Friday. So we've still got a couple left every Friday at 10 8am. That central time for those of you who might be listening outside of Iowa, that on our website, we go a bit crazy. And we offer sort of like a, you know, you know how people love to shop after Thanksgiving, that Black Friday mentality. But we just call it this Friday frenzy. And we do it every Friday. But we have these just incredible deals that are very limited. There. There's not very many of them. It's a first come first serve basis. And we do it online so that everybody can participate. Now I do it at 10 o'clock. So that if somebody literally is standing at the door, that they would have a chance to also to get it in person. But most people, either you know, order online or do it on the phone kind of thing is also possible. But it was a bit crazy last year when we did it. And it's already it's already off to that same crazy start this year, isn't it?
It is but Heidi it's a it's a fun, crazy. It's a great crazy. And again, yes, we have a few more laughs It's fabulous. Fun on a Friday frenzy. Right? Correct. Get some great, great deals, but also, perhaps for some creativity in that opportunity as well.
I would agree. Because people have to make very quick decisions. This is not the opportunity to sit and ponder and wonder and wonder, Oh, would that be the right fabric for that project or not? It's a gut feeling go for it or or move on. But there's there's definitely fabric that is involved. And it will or there'll be other things involved in the in the packages and stuff. So we tried to this year do more bundles so that more people could participate? And maybe it be slightly less crazy than last year. But it never proves to not be a little fun. That's for sure. Oh, yes,
it is. And, and truly, we know because we've already seen some of these Friday bundles, go out the door, how much people appreciate and then come back to those later. And it's so much fun for us to hear down the road, whether it's a month or two or even a year laters we hear sometimes, hey, I use that fabric or use that pattern I used. It's really fun to hear back from people how they've used some of those things that they've got in our Friday Friday frenzy.
Oh, yes. And in speaking of that, it's always fun no matter no matter what they're making a quilt for our creative community which is on Facebook. So it's a Facebook group you have to ask to join it's not a big deal. But you just have to ask to join and then we approve you to come in. And we oh my gosh I think we're we're at like about 2000 members now and growing. I love that and that is always filled with inspiration and we love it when customers have bought Uh, purchased things in the store. And in even if they haven't in our store, but, but it's always fun to see how they took those fabrics and made it into a project, and then they share it on the creative community. And oh my gosh, we're inspired like, oh, we had thought about using the fabric in that way.
Oh, yeah. And it's so neat to see what people come up with and the ideas they come up with, you know, we're not meant to live this life alone, or an isolation as we've all experienced in the past year or two. Getting the inspiration and ideas from other people. And learning from other people is just it's part of what we enjoy at Henan tech studio, because we're constantly learning and we're constantly being inspired by others, as well as we hope people can learn and be inspired by yes to.
Absolutely, absolutely. And, and the community is even more than just show Intel it is support. It is it, I love it, they are free to ask questions, and encourage each other. And the other day we posted a question about show us your cutting space. And oh, that is so fun, too. We love it. And if we have envy of some and we chuckle at others, just because we we can laugh with each other of of what's what space we might be working in. While heading check studio definitely is wanting to always inspire and we've got so many things going on right now that we're going to take a quick commercial break, and we'll be back right after this. Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand. And my coworker Jamie Willett is here with me this morning. And we're talking about all things creative at hen and chicks studio. And this week has been very exciting because on Monday, we released an opened up enrollment for our 2022 feathered friends. And this is a monthly subscription program where you can come in at one of three levels. You can be a chick, a hen, or a rooster. Isn't that just appropriate for being a feathered friend. I love that. And as you might imagine, the chick is small package, the hen is a medium package. And the rooster is a large package that you would get every month in the mail. And or you can pick it up as well. You can pick it up in the store that we did this this past year. And it was, again, inspiring and challenging for both us and for the participants. Because because we're constantly trying to figure out how to inspire them. And so then that pushes us to be more creative.
Oh, yes. And I'm encouraging people that it's not something you want to miss out on, if you have the opportunity, whether to gift it to yourself or to a friend or we've already had people call to gift it for their moms or aunts, we've already had received some of those phone calls. But it is a fabulous program. It's like a little tree all year long. Something to give you a smile every month.
Absolutely. And yes, and I've worked with one family who for Christmas wanted to you know, give a certain number of months. And so they're going to prepay those months. And we will work with you however that bit best works. And that's what the holidays coming up. It's a perfect time. Because sometimes we don't need a lot of other things. And if quilting is what inspires you, then being able to, to do that on a monthly basis and have that little bit of inspiration can really be fun. So every feathered friends club member will no matter which level you come in at gets a newsletter. It's called the chip chatter, of course. And it will have a wonderful project in there. And this year, I've done the projects a little bit differently. And I have been working with some very well known designers that are are going to offer us some great patterns. And so that will be fun. We know already what the 12 projects are. And it's fun. We're not going to tell you all we're going to kind of tease you with each of those. But But I can assure you they're fun. And of course then we will inspire you with product and with other forms of inspiration not only in the newsletter but with the the package that you get. So very exciting. So you can again go to our website at hen and chicks Friends, that's all one word. And you can learn all about what's in each package. And of course if you have any questions, you can always call the store and we're glad to walk you through that. So that's one thing that's going on. And also, today is one of our come create with me retreats and the ladies upstairs are always having a great time.
Oh, they are. And it's, again, a great opportunity to learn to be creative to see other ideas to form new friendships. They kind of become part of our family, when we have these come with me retreats, we enjoy seeing that people come and learning what they're doing. And they, they just kind of become an extended family.
Yes. And for those people who don't know, at hen and chick studio, we do have a fully equipped retreat center on the second floor. And so this space is literally designed for people to gather and spread out their projects, whether it be quilting, or scrapbooking, oh my gosh, we've got beaters, we've got traditional rug hookers, card makers. And you can you can rent the space or, you know, come to one of our concrete with me retreats, purchase a ticket to one of those and spend the day dedicated to working on your project. And with Christmas scholar we are we even six weeks away at this point five weeks, I should look at the calendar. But we're not that far away from Christmas, that sometimes what's difficult in getting those projects done for Christmas, is finding time that's uninterrupted or that you literally can dedicate to getting that done. And that's exactly what what we created a concrete with me retreat for?
Oh, yes. And not only do we have this one that's going on right now. And a couple of weeks, we're repeating it within it more of an extended length of a concrete with me to give more time for any of those projects that you're trying to get done before the holidays, or just time for you to get out and, and be creative on your own. Whether you're not doing it for the holidays, right? Or if you are,
yes, and the next one is starts November 30, which is a Tuesday. And then it goes all the way through Saturday. And just for those of you who are local, we have lots of people who come for the day, and then they go home and sleep in their own beds. And then their stuff is then sitting there ready for them that when they walk in the next day. They're going and that I think is what fuels some of them to keep coming is that they can walk away from it, go home, fix supper, do whatever they need to do run their errands. And they know that when they come back, there's no downtime that they can immediately jump into their projects. And and get going. So that's
and that's so true. How do you know I heard somebody just the other day made a comment about when they were coming to the concrete with me retreat that it gives them that as you mentioned that focus time, because when they're at home, they get easily distracted by all the other things that need to be done at home. And that's rightfully so. But when they come here, they're their production level increases so much because it has a dedicated time. Yes, whatever project they're working on.
Yes. And if you have a question about your project, you have an instant group of people that are going to be able to help you. And we had that discussion recently, also at a different concrete with me retreat, where the recruiter is she's, she's so creative. And we were talking about actually about long or mean and she was renting a long arm while she was retreating kind of doing a combination. And that's always fun, too. And she talked about that, you know, getting her out, she was maybe going to get her own machine. But she said to us, she loves the interaction, and the inspiration, the memory jogs the, you know, whatever you want to call them that gave her a different outlook that she would not have gotten if she'd been at home by herself. Yes.
And that was not only was a sweetheart of hers, but it was a realistic thought as well. When we all step back and think about it, yeah, that connection that she has, you know, she's not able to come every time that particular person but when she does come she gains a lot from it not just in getting a project done, but in that integration of the connectivity with others.
And we certainly see lots of new friendships that are formed so and our group welcomes new people so well. So we absolutely do not hesitate that if you've never been to a concrete with me and you're wondering, this is a very welcoming group and would love to have more people participating. So that is wonderful. Well, Jamie, we are going to take a quick commercial break and when we come back, I think we should talk a little bit about our stash Buster because it's just been going crazy Welcome back To create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand with Jamie Willett at hen and chicks studio. And oh, there's just so many different things that we love to make sure that our customers know about. And even new customers, maybe you don't know much about us and you're wondering know what's happening chick studio doing and what's that? What's this about? What's that about? Well, every month, we do a stash Buster challenge. And girl, Jamie, it has really taken off, hasn't it?
It has. And again, I know we say it a lot. But boy, oh boy, oh, boy, what creative people are out there. And this stash Buster is the perfect opportunity to give herself that creative opportunity challenge, whichever way you want to look at it. But man, we've been seeing some wonderful projects. Yeah, our stash Buster,
yes. And so what let's I'm gonna explain what happened, right. And then and then we can talk more about it. So every month on the first of the month, we upload a free project to our website, it is also available in the store in a hardcopy form. So if you walk in the store, you can pick up a free copy, or you can go to the website and download it, it's free, absolutely free doesn't matter, you don't you basically you have your online, you purchase it, you're just purchasing it for $0. And then you get the download link. Okay, so very simple. In that regard, what you do with that pattern is, is there's a couple of options. One, you don't have to do anything with it, you can just say I love the pattern, I'm gonna hold it, I'm going to keep on you know, you know, hang on to it time ready. But if you like it, and want to make it from your scraps, or maybe you have to go by fabric to get it or we sometimes usually have a kit for it, if you make the top and the quilt top, and that means that it's not quilted, and the cultures understand those terms. If you make the quilt top that is exactly as instructed in the pattern or larger, then and you have that done by the 15th of the following month was off, it's November 1, like the pattern that came out on November 1, if you have it done by December 15. And you either upload it to our website on the same stash Buster page, or come into the store, then you get a 40% off coupon on your order of $40 or more. And wow, can that make a difference in your backing fabric kits you want? All of the you know those special tools that you get, it really can make a difference? Why don't you talk just a bit, Jamie about what you do when people upload their photos that when we get them turned back in.
Right. So on our website as well, at Hidden chicks do do We actually have a tab for the stash buster. And so again, if you're interested in learning more, you can go there. But on that page, people can actually upload or submit their stash Buster, and then that comes to us. And we take all of those pictures and put them on our website. And those are five months. So if you scroll a little bit further down the page, you'll see wow, we have 2020 on there now, but now we're in 2021, almost 2022, which is crazy. But each month if you click on, for instance, right now we're in November, so click on November 2021, it will show you the variety of this same stash Buster pattern created by multiple people. So each person that submits their photo, eventually, typically makes its way to our website. And that, again, is just inspiration. It's fun to look at. It's fun to see it's great to get different ideas, different colorways. Just as we said, last month in October, we have such a wide variety of projects that were turned in and it was so much fun to see. And again, that pattern is still available. It's always available. If somebody looked at an old stash Buster, say Oh, I really liked that pattern. The pattern is still available on our website.
That is right. And when you look at what other people do, sometimes it is eye opening as to the combinations that I went to thought of you and thought of but but what they do with that is great or it's a reminder of like, oh wait, I have fabric like that I could have done an ad or you know, I mean it's just it is very interesting that way and we leave those up there. So again, you're right, they can still get the free pattern even if the month is gone. You know, the challenge is over, and that they can and then they can look for inspiration as to how to make it. So it absolutely, it just goes on and on. So again, stash busters are great way. We also have other things and as we, our time always goes so fast because again, we have so many fun things but gal Jaime on Tuesdays, you have a little show of your own called take home Tuesday, where we are constantly say trying to inspire people with more of a craft project. Maybe rather than sometimes it involves sewing. It's not that it's always right. But it's not a full fledged quilt. We're not making quilts during take home Tuesday.
Oh no, the idea and take come Tuesday initially started with just a fun little project to do, leading up to the holidays last year. And then we just kind of grew on it. Because we found one it was fun for us. And two, we have so many ideas as well as other people do. But just to inspire and, you know, it isn't always sewing sometimes we don't even use fabric. Sometimes it involves some food, you know, sometimes involves building in Virginia, if it's food, go to Golden Virginia want to be a part of it for sure.
That's awesome.
It's not just, it's not just sewing or quilting, or, you know, we don't want to get just locked into that we're here for more than that. And that's a great way for even a lot of my friends that are not what they would say sewers or quarters of obey could, yes, and ours, but they can come watch take on Tuesday and get an idea and run with it too. And
I think we want to so often share our creativity with our friends and our family. And if they're not cultures, we don't want to feel like we're excluding them. So a lot of the projects that are happening on take home Tuesday are perfect for you know, potentially those activities with nieces, nephews, you've had some of those. Your nieces and nephews join you and everybody can enjoy and have fun and be creative. And I think that is something that is so important to us. So definitely be watching Facebook for our take home Tuesdays and of course they're always on our website as well. So, Jamie, we could go on and on. But of course our we're need to wrap up our time today. But we encourage everybody to visit hen and chick studio in Conrad or online at Hidden chicks to find everything you need to know about quilting and all things creative. We're open Monday through Friday 10 to five Saturday 10 to three and until next week. Be creative