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Fabric and pattern designer Jason Yenter of In the Beginning Fabrics beautifully combines color and textures to create irresistible fabrics.

Fall in Love with Deep, Rich Colors

Fabric and pattern designer Jason Yenter combines rich colors with texture to create irresistible fabrics.
Colors Bursting!

Jason Yenter creates such wonderful deep, rich colors in his fabric collections, including Prism, featured in the Prism Block Quilt (82 1/2 x 98 1/2") kit shown here!

Each individual fabric could stand on it's own, but when put together it truly creates an array of blocks that are beautiful. 
Jason Yenter, In the Beginning Fabrics, Prism, Block of the Month, quilt kit
Radiant Colors!

When the sun comes out and shines with all of its mighty power, fabric designer Jason Yenter captures the colors and creates beautiful fabrics like those in the Sunshine collection by In the Beginning Fabrics

His border designs wrangle all of those colors into one design, putting the perfect finish on this 69 1/2 x 85 1/2" Sunshine Block of the Month project.

Jason Yenter, In the Beginning Fabrics, Sunshine block of the month quilt kit,
Monorail quilt pattern, Atkinson Designs, Jason Yenter Prism, In the Beginning Fabrics
Stay on Track!

Get your creativity moving in the right direction with this sharp combination of Jason Yenter fabrics and Atkinson Designs Monorail pattern

We chose to make the 13x40" table runner size, but the pattern has a variety of sizes all the way up to queen bed-size!

Grab the fabric kit and the pattern and you'll be set to start stitching. 
Jason Yenter, A Groovy Garden, In the Beginning Fabrics, Monorail, Atkinson Designs
Let the Flowers Bloom

This combination of four, 1-yard fabric cuts, features Jason Yenter's A Groovy Garden border print.

Select a pattern from a 3-Yard quilt book and this bundle, then fussy-cut the border stripe to put into a block of your choice. The creative possibilities are endless. 

Check out a second combination of four 1-yard cuts below!
Getting Creative!

Jason Yenter's fabrics just scream happiness with the rich, bright colors. A Groovy Garden collection is no exception. 

Here we've pulled together four 1-yard fabric cuts that could easily be used in any 3-yard quilt pattern, or be the jumping off point for another project of your choice. 

Grab a bundle and a book and get busy stitching.
Jason Yenter, In the Beginning Fabrics, A Groovy Garden, 3-yard quilts
Beautiful Blooms!

Jason Yenter's signature border strips take on a completely different feel in this Victorian Twist fabric collection and quilt kit

The flowers are a bit softer in color, but still vibrant. The shades of teal create a woven trellis pattern through the flower blossoms.

Select this kit and sew up a lovely 61x72" lap quilt for someone special in your life.

Victoria Twist, Jason Yenter, In the Beginning Fabrics, Floral, quilt kit

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