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Find Your Joy!
Joy: a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.

Find Your Joy!

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Follow Our Daily Journal Prompts
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Find Your Joy

Daily Journaling Prompts for 100 Days to Christmas
Each day until Christmas, we'll add a new question or statement for you to add to your journal. 

December 2 (Day 78)
Are you hosting a holiday party?

December 1 (Day 77)
Do you have an advent calendar for the season?

November 30 (Day 76)
Would you prefer to spend the holidays where it is warm or cold?
November 29 (Day 75)
Do you like to make snow angels? Do you have snow to make one?
November 28 (Day 74)
Do you have a tree skirt? Did you make it?
November 27 (Day 73)
Where are your favorite places to shop?

November 26 (Day 72)
Create a shopping list for everything you dream of giving.
November 25 (Day 71)
Create a shopping list for everything you dream of having.
November 24 (Day 70)
Create a gratitude list. 

November 23 (Day 69)
Write a letter to Santa from you!

November 22 (Day 68)
Are you in a jolly mood this holiday season?
November 21 (Day 67)
If you could bring back an old tradition, what would it be?
November 20 (Day 66)
If you could start a new holiday tradition, what would it be?
November 19 (Day 65)
What's your favorite holiday tradition?

November 18 (Day 64)
Make a paper snowflake today!

November 17 (Day 63)
Do you build forts in the house with quilts?
November 16 (Day 62)
What is a fun outdoor holiday activity you like to do?
November 15 (Day 61)
What is a fun indoor holiday activity you like to do?

November 14 (Day 60)
What does Christmas magic feel like to you?
November 13 (Day 59)
If you had an elf, what would his name be?
November 12 (Day 58)
What is your biggest Christmas joy?

November 11 (Day 57)
Have you ever had a holiday mishap?

November 10 (Day 56)
Do you have a nativity set?

November 9 (Day 55)
What is your favorite Christmas movie?
November 8 (Day 54)
What is your favorite Christmas book?
November 7 (Day 53)
Dream about being an elf and making toys.

November 6 (Day 52)
Write a poem about winter.

November 5 (Day 51)
Write a poem about fall.

November 4 (Day 50)
Make a Snowman (paper or cotton balls). Write a story about him.
November 3 (Day 49)
Write a poem about winter. 

November 2 (Day 48)
Which reindeer is your favorite?

November 1 (Day 47)
What do you want for Christmas this year?
October 31 (Day 46)
Waking up on Christmas morning feels like...
October 30 (Day 45)
Journal about the best snowman you've ever made.

October 29 (Day 44)
What does Christmas mean to you?

October 28 (Day 43)
Pretend you are one of Santa's elves today!
October 27 (Day 42)
Does Santa leave a note for you?

October 26 (Day 41)
Do you leave treats for Santa's team of reindeer?

October 25 (Day 40)
Do you leave a note and cookies for Santa?
October 24 (Day 39)
Who wakes up first on Christmas Day?
October 23 (Day 38)
What is your favorite Christmas book?
October 22 (Day 37)
Do you set out a nativity scene?

October 21 (Day 36)
What is your family's advent calendar traditions?
October 20 (Day 35)
Find a favorite picture of you by a Christmas tree; share memories.
October 19 (Day 34)
Are you all about the mashed potatoes or the sweet potatoes?
October 18 (Day 33)
Do you serve ham, beef, pork or chicken?

October 17 (Day 32)
What's your favorite part of the meal to serve?
October 16 (Day 31)
Have you ever done a progressive supper?
October 15 (Day 30)
If you go caroling, what is your favorite song to sing?
October 14 (Day 29)
Do you like to go caroling?

October 13 (Day 28)
What is your favorite holiday song?

October 12 (Day 27)
Do you have a tree skirt and if yes, is it a quilt?
October 11 (Day 26)
What goes on the top of your tree?

October 10 (Day 25)
Does your Christmas tree have a theme?

October 9 (Day 24)
Are the lights on your tree white or colored?
October 8 (Day 23)
Do the lights on your tree flash?

October 7  (Day 22)
Does your Christmas tree fit on a table or stand tall on the floor?
October 6 (Day 21)
Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater?

October 5 (Day 20)
What is your favorite holiday tradition?
October 4 (Day 19)
Find your favorite holiday photo and journal about it.
October 3 (Day 18)
Does your Christmas card have lots of pictures or no pictures?
October 2 (Day 17)
Do you send out Christmas cards?

October 1 (Day 16)
Is your gathering big or small?

September 30 (Day 15)
What is your Christmas Day meal?

September 29 (Day 14)
What is your Christmas Eve meal?

September 28 (Day 13)
Do you prefer to eat the Christmas cookies or make them?

September 27 (Day 12)
What kinds of things do you put in your stockings?
September 26 (Day 11)
What kind of ornaments do you have on your tree?
September 25 (Day 10)
Do you like to use lots of tape when wrapping a present or very little?
September 24 (Day 9)
Are you a fancy or plain gift wrapper?

September 23 (Day 8)
Do you make your gifts? What is your favorite gift to make?
September 22 (Day 7)
What is your favorite gift to have given?
September 21 (Day 6)
What is your favorite gift to have received?
September 20 (Day 5)
How long do you have your tree up?

September 19 (Day 4)
Is your Christmas tree real or artifical?
September 18 (Day 3)
Do you have stocking hanging? By a fireplace or somewhere else? 
September 17 (Day 2)
Holiday cookies are a must for many of us. What is your favorite holiday cookie or sweet treat? 
September 16 (Day 1)
Christmas colors are traditionally red or green. Do you prefer one or the other or love them both the same?