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Jordan Hobson is the owner and lead photographer at The Farmer's Daughter Photography located just across the street from Hen and Chicks Studio in Conrad, IA. 

Jordan originally started taking photos from a very young age. She mainly focused on animals and different things on vacation as part of 4H projects. As she got older, she started to take photos of siblings and friends which allowed her passion for photography to grow even more. Around the time she was in college, Jordan had a newborn nephew who she loved to take photos of. As she was taking these photos of him and posting them, people began to ask her to take photos of their kids as well, and thats where her business really began to blossom and grow.

In this episode Jordan gives a few tips on how to take a great photo! Whether you're out and about for the day or are taking a family vacation these tips will help you get the perfect picture!

Tip 1: Taking photos in the shade will help give you even light and allow people to not be so squinty when looking at the camera. 
Tip 2: Look at the framing. Is there too much space at the top? How about the bottom? What's the main focus of your picture? 
Tip 3: Take a lot of photos and weed out the bad ones. You just need 1 good photo!

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