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Welcome to Take Home Tuesdays at 2!

Each week we come to you LIVE on Facebook at 2 p.m. CST!
Today's project kinda feels a little nostalgic....bringing back the decoupage!
We have been taking a look at all our chicks around the United States (even internationally) and it made me think -
there is so many nice, fun, quick ideas to work maps into your creativity!  Make sure to check out this episode!
Gather your materials....we used an old map and wood.
Cut your map to size and then brush a light coat on wood and let sit until tacky PRIOR to laying map on.
Roll from center out to get rid of any air bubbles (can use a credit card and gently glide it on top towards the outside edges too)
After map (or whatever you choose to use) is smooth, brush a light coat on top.  Can apply multiple coats allowing to dry between each coat.