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Heidi Kaisand 0:00 Good morning and welcome to create with Heidi. I'm Heidi Kaisand, owner of hidden chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa, and lover of all things creative. Each week here on create with Heidi, we like to cover topics that educate and inspire you about how people are being creative, whether it's quilting, scrapbooking, food, wool, or just hanging out with others who seem to have their creative Mojo grooving in all the right directions. We are excited to share these things with you. Each week, I love to start with a quote that is appropriate for our show. And today, my quote is, and this is I could not find the author of this. A photograph is the pause button of life. And boy did that hit home with me, because I love to take pictures and I love looking at them. And when I go back and look at them, it is it's like it's paused that brief moment. And I can think back to that photo. Think back to that moment. And all the memories that come with it. So today I asked my friend Roseanne kermis to join me, because we love to talk about all sorts of things. We have so many reasons to be taking photos these days. So good morning, Roseanne, how are you today?

Roseann Kermes 1:23 Good now it's my shutter button friend,

Heidi Kaisand 1:25 I am good. And, and it hey, you have a shutterbug husband, so we could talk about this. But you know, I love it when I upload 600 photos from, you know, an hour of volleyball. And I go on vacation. And oh, I've got 2000 photos to upload. Because I am always trying to capture that that perfect memory. Because it's fun to go back and look at the photos. And you know, to, to just keep those memories fresh in us.

Roseann Kermes 2:00 And the nice thing about digital photos is often it has the date or the year. So, you know fast time flies, sometimes you look at the year and say oh my gosh, that was just yesterday. And it's four years ago?

Heidi Kaisand 2:13 Yes. Oh, yes. And that's, it is so true that with a digital automatic, it should automatically come with the date that's associated with that. And, again, there's so many different parts of taking photos. And with the holidays, obviously we've just had Thanksgiving, Christmas is coming up the way. And I always take photos, I think there's so many things about it that are important and why we should take photos. But I also was recently reminded, actually at a funeral when they were playing photos of, of the person who had died and their family. The the photos were not perfect. They were not staged me there were a few you know, we all have those. But, but there were some funny ones. And I didn't know what the photo was, you know, you know, it's got an inside story to it. But it made my heart fall. Because I I could feel the love or I could feel the laughter or I could feel the the emotion that was coming out in that photo. And there was obviously a reason they included it in that slideshow of him. But it just reminds me of why photos are so important for us.

Roseann Kermes 3:37 Yeah, they, like you know, mentioned your time goes so fast, they just really capture just like the inside information and that emotion and stuff. And sometimes you can look at a photo and be right back in that moment. And remember why you like to remember the event, you can remember the events surrounding it. And I think that's why it's important.

Heidi Kaisand 3:58 Yes. Okay, so when we're talking about and carrying our cameras around, of course, pretty much everybody has a camera these days because we have our phones and that that's a great way to use, you know, use the camera on the phone is to you know, take pictures and stuff. And you and I actually I think have the same you know, bigger camera that we take around what kinds of photos are you trying to take? I mean, like when you I mean are you taking landscape pictures and what's the kind of what kind of photos do you like to take?

Roseann Kermes 4:33 I think you and I take different kinds of photos I tend to take photos that are almost like journaling so instead of writing it down I have the photo to remember and I'll take photos of like when I'm preparing a meal I'll look down and like this is so pretty, you know with tomatoes and something else on the cutting board and just looks pretty. I'll take those kinds of photos or when I'm when we're traveling, I'll take scenic ones, you know take photos of my kids and my grandchild, you know, it's because, you know, they're just fun to remember and to see the funny expressions and, and those kinds of things. And you know, I take how to photos to like I will somebody asked me, How do you do something, I will lay out the steps and take the photos of that. So I think I use my camera in a lot of different ways than you do your you tend to do a lot of your your kids because they're so involved in sports and things. Oh, yes, I am. I'm constantly

Heidi Kaisand 5:31 trying to capture, you know, the slamming down of the ball in the volleyball game or the the look on their face when they when they when you know a point and are celebrating that. But yes, there's there's those action photos that I'm always always trying to capture. It's always fun to do that. And your husband, he likes to take pictures of nature doesn't he?

Roseann Kermes 5:58 He he takes pictures of outside things like when we travel, takes a lot of pictures of those he just ignore most of what he takes us outside. He does inside photos. But I think the work he does outside are better. He tends to agonize over each shot, where I will snap a bunch of shots and

Heidi Kaisand 6:24 got it once at least Yeah.

Roseann Kermes 6:26 And I think that's a holdover from him when he was using slides and prints. So he wants he wants the perfect photo. And then he will take them into a publishing program and tweak them sure and stuff. And

Heidi Kaisand 6:41 oh, there's so many different ways. Let's take a quick commercial break. And we'll be back right after this. One Welcome back to create with Heidi and this is Heidi Kaisand With Roseanne kermis. And Roseanne, I, you know, I introduced you as my friend, but you are a quilt shop owner, you are a creator, you're a designer, oh my gosh, you you are have so many different creative outlets in your blood, that our friendship is just natural, because we share so many common interest and complement each other so well in the things that we'd like to do. So I'm so glad that you're able to join me this morning and talk about photography, and capturing all those memories that we have.

Roseann Kermes 7:30 Yes, there's so many facets to photography, that I think different people find different outlets for it. I have a friend who's driving across the country. And she's taking photos, all the places she's at. And it's fun to see her travel, you know, through her eyes and her camera.

Heidi Kaisand 7:51 And is there such truth to that. And we have another mutual friend Bonnie, and she went on and I wish I don't have the name of a walk the walk she did in Europe. And it took 30 days, I believe is what it was. And I just remember the photos that she was taking. I felt like I was with her.

Roseann Kermes 8:11 And that's that's That was her photos of that trip were amazing. And you're right, if you're right in the moment with her, it's like you're seeing what she sees.

Heidi Kaisand 8:20 Yes. And, and again, I mean, that's what the when you talk about emotion that a photo can bring to us to again what was going on in that photo. And, and we all have different styles as we were saying you snap a lot, I snap a lot, exaggerate that a lot of photos, because certainly I'm always trying to get that perfect photo. But what's wonderful about digital is that I have a chance every time to tweak it right when I'm taking the photos. So I'm constantly adjusting my lighting in the gymnasium to try to to get again that perfect lighting and make sure that it's you know, not too dark, not too light. Of course I could always go to the computer and adjust them differently. But there's something to be said about trying to frame it and capture it right the first time for me anyway, that's that's how I look at it.

Roseann Kermes 9:18 I think it's hard to go backwards and do those kinds of things. I mean you you have to want to do that to create be able to create that way and that's just not my thing. I like my photos to tell the story of whatever it is that the photo of I don't I don't care that they're not perfect.

Heidi Kaisand 9:35 And and you know and Roseanne there's a certain envy that I have of you that that you are doing that because again this this funeral that's sparked my my thought again about photography recently. I loved it, they weren't perfect. The photos were in fact you from a composition standpoint or From a lighting standpoint, they weren't perfect. And that's what was wonderful about them.

Roseann Kermes 10:08 I think you know, the businesses that you've been in, have always demanded for perfection in the photos with publishing and that kind of thing. It is really a relief not to have to think about exactly how the lighting is sometimes and to just snap the fun stamp of the faces or the activity or the action without worrying about is it? Is it perfect.

Heidi Kaisand 10:34 And that's so true, you're gonna you're going to inspire me this holiday season, to go out and just take pictures, and not worry about capturing that perfect that perfect moment so that I have that maybe it's blurry. Maybe it's, you know, I don't see ever the person's face perfectly. All those kinds of things, but that it's really in the moment that it's truly in the moment. Yes, yeah,

Roseann Kermes 10:57 I think sometimes even just going past their faces and leaning over somebody's shoulder and seeing what they're seeing and take a picture of like, what's in front of their hands. Or that's an interesting perspective. You know, especially like the holidays to if you like making cookies and stuff, there's something about seeing people's hands, doing things over time. You can actually, with little kids, you can see them kind of grow up because of how their hands change. Or, you know, Grandma, you can see her getting older by how her hands change. I always think of hands. It's kind of a fun Memory Maker to me, because so many of us do work with our hands.

Heidi Kaisand 11:36 Yes. And I'm actually smiling from ear to ear, as you're saying this remembering one particular photo that I took many Christmases ago, and my mom had come down and was making our family tradition, Christmas bread. And she had all the pieces and stuff and there's a part that has to be frosted. And then you know, those, what he called those candied cherries, they know that go on top. And of course, the kids like to eat those rather than necessarily put them on the bread. But so she was letting them help with that part. Right. And, and I remember I was on one side of the table as they were starting this so I could get their faces. And then at some point, for some reason I walked around, and what I had not been thinking about was that they had each brought their foot stools, because of course, they couldn't reach the counter very well. And then eat brought each browser footstools and they're on the back side was the footstools with them standing on them trying to reach the counter to help Grandma and so I have their, you know, the backs of their legs, I'm gonna have to pull that photo out and put it with this show. Because that's just the kind of photo that jogs your memory of exactly what was going on at that moment.

Roseann Kermes 12:54 No, and and as you say that it's a you know, it gives gives me goosebumps, because those are the things you know, obviously the memory is yours pretty exclusively. But it's it means it has so much meaning to you.

Heidi Kaisand 13:09 Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. Oh, yes. Okay, so there are, are so many things. Okay, so now we're taking photos on our phones, we're taking photos, you know, on cameras. How how do you use your photos? Do you just have the albums on your phone and you scroll through them? What do you what do you do with the photos that you're taking?

Roseann Kermes 13:35 I use Google as a storage feature. So every photo I take on my phone goes into Google and I divide out if there I have a couple of albums on their family ones, ones, my granddaughter that I put in the ones that mean a lot to me into those, but the rest kind of just was on my phone. Often I will take a photo and I'll put it on Instagram right away. Just because it has some kind of meaning. Like I said, I use photos as a, like a journaling kind of kind of thing. I don't use Instagram as a business kind of thing. I use it as a reminder, I remember and so I don't tend to use them in that way. I do have a computer that I would like my my disk for my camera onto. And I will also download photos from my phone onto it. And I use those in in more on albums in there and I kind of right around what that that event was if I was touring or, or whatever, I try to keep those for dates and stuff, but I don't I know you print a lot of your photos. You use them for Christmas cards and semi people do that. I just haven't gotten my mind to that point.

Heidi Kaisand 14:52 Well, and you know, not everybody has to it's so different. And again like it you said you're using your Instagram as sort of that that digital journal, which is exactly that and could actually be printed off almost like a hardcopy book if you wanted it to. Well, there are so many there are so many different ways to use photos and having so much fun because again, I love capturing those memories. We're gonna take a quick commercial break, and we'll be back right after this welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand. And I'm talking with Roseanne kermis. About photos. And, you know, Roseanne before the break, we were talking about how to use them and and I do print off photos, I do some digital scrapbooking, I've I've done traditional scrapbooks too, but for me the time and the creative element, I actually like the digital aspect of it. So I can create books, I can create Christmas cards, I I create 12 by 12 pages that hang in the back of our Hall of each of the kids so that I can look at those photos. Right now there's I need to do some new ones in the back hall. But there's some from a summer vacation. And I love you know, seeing the kids faces out on the water. That kind of thing. And so, you know, it makes me smile every time I walk in the house because I have walked by those photos, and I see them and I guess I like to have them hanging up as reminders of of those memories. So you know that's

Roseann Kermes 16:34 in, in the room I'm in right now. I'm looking around the room. And my husband when we travel, he likes to go in the gift shops and find frames, wooden frames, they're all usually about the same size. And they see different things like the ones I'm looking at right now as Old Faithful in Alaska, Black Hills, and he, when he gets back, he'll print a photo that he feels fits that frame best. And so we've got like a dozen of these in the in this just in this room. And they're fun to look at. Because it's like you remember being in there, you know, and they're, they're more like decoration while decoration, then yeah, then just, you know,

Heidi Kaisand 17:15 well, you guys, you enjoy traveling. And so what what fond memories, then of those trips that you can, you know, in an instant look at that photo and go oh, yeah, that was the trip. That was what you know, whatever that was. And so that certainly can be fun. I love that. You know, there's other things, and I've played around with it a little bit at night, I don't have the name of the app immediately here. But I will put the link into it in the show. But you know, there's apps these days, and I always forget about this one. And I need to use it more, where you can literally create a postcard from an image, and it can then send out a little note, you have an address book. And for a small fee, they mail that postcard for you. And you know, as I'm thinking about this right now, I'm thinking, Oh, I got to remember to use that more often. Because it's a great way to brighten somebody's day with a photo. You know, I'm always doodling and taking photos of my doodles go that could literally be a postcard that I send to somebody. So certainly, certainly there's ways.

Roseann Kermes 18:27 Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun. I mean, that'd be fun for when you're traveling, but also you could send them back to yourself, because they have a data, you know, stamp on the back. And you could you know, put in where were you were in with me what the weather was like, oh, that's that's a cool idea. Yeah.

Heidi Kaisand 18:42 And and you think about art journaling, and kind of, it's fun to have those kinds of things. Have you thought about mailing it to myself, but you're right, when you're traveling, that would be a perfect thing. That'd be perfect. And you know, and then again, there's other services, you know, like the Walgreens, the Walmart's the Shutterfly's. The you know, all those forever, is one that I use a lot. They all have different ways of producing items from your photos. And so you can certainly, well, whether you want to be really simple, or whether you want to get really complicated. I mean, you can do different things. I know at Walgreens I've used like prints four by six photos, and it's already bound. And for just, I'm gonna say a little bit of money. I have just a really quick little book that I've done for I'm gonna say some special occasions when I wanted to make multiples of them, and didn't want a lot of money involved but wanted to have have those photos gathered together.

Roseann Kermes 19:44 What do you think, for gifts give me this time of year. Early, early in the month, there's still time to do this. And a lot of those places have templates for ornaments. I know we've gotten some really cute ornaments that my daughter in law has made for us over The years have of them even though we actually love them we keep out year round is because they're just fun, you know?

Heidi Kaisand 20:08 Yep. So they're special. They have they hold memories for you. Yes. Yeah.

Roseann Kermes 20:12 So yeah, those services have lots of different applications. Yeah, that you can use it. Great. Forgive.

Heidi Kaisand 20:19 Absolutely. You talk just a little bit about using Google as a way to store all of your photos. And I use, I use a variety of things including Dropbox, but I have ima ambassador, because of my digital scrapbooking, and my there's another program that they use for capturing all the photos and or for holding them in kind of almost like a big photo album. With all the details and stuff anyway. You can go on to those kinds of sites too, and see all the different things that you can do. So if anybody ever has questions about that, I'd be glad to answer those. But overall Roseanne, as always, you and I can fill any amount of time that we need. And I know that both of us will be taking lots of photos over the next few weeks as as Christmas approaches. So I encourage all of you to be creative, and visit hen and chick studio in Conrad or online at hen and chick to find everything you need to know about quilting and all things creative. And until next week. Be creative