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Good morning and welcome to create with Heidi. I'm Heidi Kaisand, owner of hen and chick studio in Conrad, Iowa, and lover of all things creative. Each week here on create with Heidi, we like to cover topics that educate and inspire you about how people are being creative, whether it's quilting, scrapbooking, food, wool, or just hanging out with others who seem to have their creative Mojo grooving in all the right directions. We are excited to share these things with you. Each week, I love to start this show with a quote. And with the holidays, fast approaching here, this quote really struck me. Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love. And that's Hamilton right Mabel. And I do think that there are lots of things about the season that people it does bring the best out of people. And one, one thing that I think happens at the holidays is the push to shop locally. It should be happening all year long, in my opinion, because there are so many great small businesses out there. And today, my guest is my coworker Jamie Willett. But in a different role today. So welcome, Jamie, how are you today?

I'm doing great.

As I say, our creativity never stops at the door, does it?

It doesn't know where it's always going. It's

always going. And you have Ben, I'm going to say I'm not sure if it's a volunteer job. I think it is that you are in charge of an event that is happening on December 4 In Conrad, do you want to tell us the name and what that is? Absolutely.

Well, we're calling it Oh, what fun craft and vendor show at the UCLA W High School gem. And you know, as you mentioned, Heidi at the top of the show here, we want to support local vendors and craft, inspiration, any of those people that are out there trying to make their small businesses work. And one of the things that we lost kind of in the past couple years is some of those opportunities for those small businesses that aren't a storefront to get out an opportunity to sell their products, or show what they can make and different things like that. So in that process, I really felt like we were missing that opportunity for some of our local gals. And not so local, but from other parts of the state of Iowa as well to get able to get out and also for our community to be able to support and have opportunities to purchase these items or gift opportunities or unique handmade things especially you know, especially at the holidays, but anytime during the year and so from that we worked with at original creation, which is to come up with some fun themed ideas. And she actually needs to a what fun came up with that. And all the graphics were in touch, but kind of it was kind of a group effort. But it's it's going on on Saturday, December 4, from nine to three at the high school, and great variety of vendors. Some other things that we can talk about that will benefit from that as well.

Well, that is fun. And I do think that it's it's interesting, like you said in the last couple of years, so many vendors have not been able to get out or to see their regular people. And there are some really creative businesses out there and that offer creative items, and others that simply I'll say provide items that we need, or want or supply. I mean, there's different, you know, different kinds of home parties and small vendors, you know, type businesses that are out there. And, for example, one of them that you mentioned is originals designs. She happens, Jenna happens to be the designer of our hen and chicks studio T shirts and all of our gear at the store. So I'm very familiar with what she's doing. And you know, I love her story that it is about, I mean, she's a college student, she's, she's creative, she's a designer, she wants to create her own business and is working very hard. And that's how entrepreneurship works is that you know, they're they're dependent on spreading the word about their products. So it's an event like Oh, what fun is just what they need to keep to keep that business growing.

Well, yeah, tidy and I will say this year it's been very much fun to see there is an entrepreneur spirit and several what I'll call younger, younger people now. And that's kind of fun to see. re a rebirth of entrepreneurship, I will say, because I haven't necessarily seen that. And maybe it's just because I'm more evolved that proceeding. We have several young vendors coming, which is really fun to see that they're getting out there putting themselves out there and try, as you said, to build their own business or to create their own path.

Yes. And I'm sure original designs will be sharing some of her custom shirts, and she has us, would you call it sports? Clothing? I think it'd be the right. Is that the right phrase? Where, there you go, that's the word I was looking for. And so she'll be showing those kinds of things. And all of those things will be purchasable. During the would you say nine to three? Show? Is that correct?

Yes, that's correct.

All right. Well, we know that this is just a great event. And what we want to I want to hear more about when we come back, is are maybe what are some of the other types of vendors are including original designs and what other vendors might we expect to see during Oh, what fun right after this commercial break. Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand. And my guest today is Jaime Willett. And she is the organizer of Oh, what fun a calling it craft and vendor show. That's where we're gonna craft and vendor show on December 4, in Conrad in conjunction with our or it's the same day that our Christmas in Conrad is hop happening. So there's gonna be lots of things going on in town, that particular day. So if customers are wanting to come to Oh, what fun. It's from nine to three. Now, some shows like this have like an entry, like an admissions fee? Do you have to pay to come into the gym? Or do you get to come? Is it? Is it a free entry?

Right, great question hiding, I'm glad you asked that. This, there was no admission to come to this, again, costs are low. If you happen to be a vendor that is looking for something new here this last minute, feel free to give me a call Get a hold of me, it's on Facebook, you can look under Oh, have fun as an event where there's a group page for it. You could even get a hold of me and hand it to you if you need to, if you're still interested to see if we have any space left, because it's tight. But I know that we can. And I know it's last minute. So we're glad to work with people. But the whole goal for me and doing this as far as promoting the small business. I was raised by parents that were small business people. And so I know what it's like to be in a small business. And that's the whole goal for me is to promote these small businesses, give them opportunities, give our community an opportunity to come and see the works of people. And so there therefore, there is no cost to a vendor costs have been kept low just to cover any of the excess of the expenses from the rentals and such for the promotion of these events are going to be donated back could be searched, which is our local emergency response team. Which as you all know, he has a place near and dear to my heart. Yes, as it will show to all of us. And so really, the goal of this whole event is just to have a fun opportunity. No cost, be CIW after prom, we'll be serving concessions and lunch during the day. So there's an opportunity to support them. And they are actually going to be offering gift wrapping for all donation. So even if you don't want to come to the craft show, you can come get a lunch. You know what Heidi let me let me say this, there's the B cert breakfast, which is the pancake breakfast, which again, is very near to my heart. But the pancake breakfast will be happening at the new Fire Department on the east side of town in the morning. So you could stop there have your breakfast you can come stop by Oh what fun craft vendor show at the high school. You can have your lunch there. And then in the evenings you can come in Conrad and also they'll be I think the main street will be open all day with things buzzing around and horses stuff like that. And anyway,

and and oh my gosh, you you could spend a whole day in Conrad definitely starting with the pancakes. And I just have to say, Jamie, I think the entire Conrad community will be missing the the master pancake flat of flipper this year because your dad passed away Got this point a couple months ago. And he was known to everybody as the pancake flipper. And so he will definitely be missed. But certainly encourage anybody who is in the area to come and enjoy those pancakes because the money is going to a good cause there to support the besides. And of course, as Jamie said that the Oh what fun money that's raised during that event will also be supporting the research. So and of course, our communities couldn't be what they are without those volunteers, of those medical people to respond to us when, when there are times when Yeah, exactly right. And so, that certainly is so important. Such an important cause. And okay, so yes, you could spend the day you could come to Conrad, do breakfast, and then of course, Bring, bring those items you just don't want to wrap and have have those after the after prom committee. They're always trying to raise money to have a great event for our prom event after prom event in April. And so great cause to help have those kids have some fun, and get lunch. That's all exciting. And of course then we've got the vendors themselves.

Yes, yes. And so we talked a little bit about original being there. But you know, Heidi, the variety we have cupcakes, we have candies, custom tumblers, keychain phone holders, woodworking laser engraving. These adorable handmade bears bunnies puppies. One that I fall in love with from her is where she's taken old Jamil clothes and made them into bears. That's adorable. Yeah. All sorts of things. And we also do have as you mentioned, some vendors that are for just items that we would just purchase that aren't handmade, such as on Pampered Chef Tupperware. Chinese the US born book Sensi a variety of those that way too. So it is a great one I'm really looking for your turn is cheesecakes. Chester has a yeah, they're bringing baked goods, cookies and cheesecake. So Oh, dang, that sounds pretty darn tempting to me.

Yes, it does.

Yeah, but you know, and some local gallery. There some hand painted some really cute work. I know a lot of these people that have done stuff before candles, leather earrings, I believe I know, I should say I believe across the street from us here at hand and check studio is Hazel and dot botique, they're going to actually come up to the school as well for some of their items. So it's just I really feel like there's going to be a wide variety, even as another gentleman from Marshall town that does one of a kind pour painting. And so that's a really unique item. And they're really neat to like I said, so a wide variety of trying to make sure we have something that would attract anyone, whether it's a female or male, some different things, kids or adults. So we're working hard to make sure we have a wide variety.

So in other words, I better get my shopping list together and be organized because it sounds like I can hit off all of the major, you know, ticket items that I'm going to need for stocking stuffers for treats for you know, Thanksgiving even I mean if with the I guess it won't, it'll be after Thanksgiving. But for for that weekend, or maybe be able to, I'm thinking about Thanksgiving this weekend. And I'm but you could probably talk to them about getting treats closer to a cheesecake closer to Christmas, those things. So yeah. And

in some of the, you know, I know another person that's coming. There's like I said, I can't even mention them all. On our Facebook page of the group. We are trying to highlight some of the different vendors that are coming. But it is a wide variety. But I even know there's some younger girls that are working with their mom to create some which of course we love that generational type thing too.

Yes. Oh, absolutely. It sounds like it is going to be a delightful day from nine to three in the BCL UW high school gym. And will they enter from the south door? Is that how you will enter Yep, from the south door of the

different this house or this side door. We call the you I guess on this side as either way you can come in and of course with the opposite gym. If we fill that space will overflow down into the commons area as well. So that's exciting.

Wow, hopefully. Oh yeah. Well, goodness gracious it. Let's take a quick commercial break and we'll be back right after this. Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand and Jamie Willett and we're talking about shopping. Nothing better than shopping and getting ready for Christmas. Yeah. And during the commercial break, I was just thinking, Jamie, we know we were talking about just spending the day in Conrad. But you know what, we have a concrete with me retreat starting next Tuesday. They literally could come Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and not only get their scrapbooking and quilting projects done that need to be done for Christmas. But then they could fill in the blanks with going to the vendor show and of course, other stores on Main Street will be doing different things. I know Santa will make an appearance at some point, as he always does.

And there's trolley rides. I actually just got from the Christmas and Conrad committee, it's light up the night is their theme this year. And also all they'll be the traditional things, but they'll have the festival of trees at the church here in Conrad, I believe it's going to be at the First Presbyterian Church and their fellowship hall. So that's right there, too. But yeah, there's something all day long. And you know, sometimes you just need that little outing, whether or not you want to, you know, we're certainly not pushing that you have to come by something, but just come and see and participate and enjoy your community.

Absolutely. Getting out. You're right, getting out and about is sometimes half the fun of, of the holiday spirit and doing window shopping and all of those kinds of things. So that certainly would encourage me no hen and chick Studio will, of course, we will be open are normal 10 to three hours that day. And we'll have we'll have a little red and green special. So you'll have to check in and see what that is all about. But you know, even even hen and chick studio has a few gift items that might be might work into somebody's Christmas Christmas shopping list.

Oh, yeah. And you know, Heidi, as you mentioned, one of the we have a very unique item. I think that you had a son of a young man that made for us with the femur first.

Yes. Yes. And, uh, Wayne is is a as a teenager, and I actually buy Minnesota syrup from his grandpa. And when I was talking with his grandpa found out that he makes hand turns these not only wood but also what is that other material that one that's the it's called the colorful stuff. I'm not gonna say but it's it's colorful. It looks kind of like marble. We've had different colors. I know the purples sold and but there has been red and different, you know, different colors. But these seem rippers that are necklaces. So it has a chain on it just like a necklace. And then the seam ripper itself hides in side of the the piece that you actually hold on to when you pull the seam ripper out and and put it back in, so that it won't you know, you won't snag while it's hanging there. No, no. quilter loves to say, oh, I want to see Ripper. But we all know we need one, don't we?

Yeah, yes. And the nice thing about this, why not? If a teen with the necklace, I immediately said Oh, that's good, because I would always know where it is because you say my prayers are small. And it's so easy to misplace. But with the chain and the necklace on it. Even if you weren't wearing it, it will be much harder to lose. And you can easily hang it on a hook to

Yes, absolutely. And so you can find all of those on our website, as well. And, of course in store if you want to see them in person, but we tried to photograph them so that people could shop for those online. We also have original watercolor paintings that are one of a kind. And then we also have no cards by two watercolor artists, one that does the barns that we have in the store. And then Debbie Simpson who does a variety of themes with her watercolor. She's been on the show here with me before she's an avid watercolor artist and you've interviewed her at the State Fair. Yep. You know, just some wonderful, wonderful work that she does, again, all sorts of themes, including, I'm gonna say a State Fair. She's got several State Fair things and several Iowa themed cards that I know I think our customers like buying them to send to other people as a reminiscent of some memory kind of thing. So always lots of opportunities for for purchasing something handmade.

Oh, yes. And you know, if you really get down to it eight out When you mentioned henna check Studio does have a variety of things. There's always our hand into gear as well as gift certificates when you just don't know what else to get somebody and sometimes that's the great gift too.

Yes, absolutely. And you know, we even sell our gift certificates online. So it's super easy to shop because you can go online purchase a gift certificate, it gives you a certificate to download, and you're ready to go. You don't have to wait for anything. You can put that gift in your Christmas for your mom, your grandma, your aunt, your wife, whoever that is, and make their Christmas fun because sometimes it's hard to pick out specific fabrics for a customer. But a gift certificate you can never go wrong with so that's certainly that's really it's fun. Well, goodness, the holidays are going to be fun around Conrad. And we certainly encourage all of you to come for sure December 4 For Christmas in Conrad and Oh, what fun in the high school gym, and also stop by and check studio on Main Street, and we'll be glad to show you everything that you need to make quilting creative. And until next week. Be creative