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Heidi Kaisand: Good morning and welcome to create with Heidi. I'm Heidi Kaisand, owner of hen and chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa and lover of all things creative. Each week here on create with Heidi, we like to cover topics that educate and inspire you about how people are being creative, whether it's quilting, scrapbooking, food, wool, or just hanging out with others who seem to have their creative Mojo grooving in all the right directions. We are excited to share these things with you. Each week, you know, I love to throw out a favorite quote, and I found this one. Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones. And that's Bruce ghera. Brand. And I love that because oh my gosh, if we were to talk about you know all things, if we waited for the perfect moment to make the perfect quilt, it would not happen at hen and chick studio. We love helping everybody. Try to find that perfect moment and attempt to do that. And so this morning, I have Jamie Willett with me. Good morning, Jamie. Good morning, Heidi. And I was thinking when I read this quote, I was thinking about all of the times, like even yesterday, where we pulled out I think we had about eight bolts 10 bolts of fabric and tried multiple combinations trying to find that perfect match. And it's exciting because I think you even said, we should be taking a photo of every combination, because there's a different benefit to every combination. Oh yeah. And that's one of the beauties of like you say helping people and the opportunities that we love is auditioning the different fabrics and talking about different order or different placement and the impact that this particular color might make here versus this other one. It's the design elements of putting the pieces all together the flow. It's just such a neat opportunity and creative opportunity. But no matter what fabrics, it's going to turn out to be

Jami Willett: their desire, not our design. That's right. And I think that's something that is it's so hard as a shop owner and as a helper to quilters is that we always want to give you as many options. But I think most of us, we have our own vision of making a quilt. And and if you know if you see a vision different than what I see, that's wonderful. There's no right or wrong to that. It's just that it's your vision, not mine. And if I have a different vision of a quilt, and I think that's the example I was using, that we were talking about just now air about yesterday, there were three of us involved. And all three of us had different fabrics that we reacted positively to as well as negatively to. Exactly. And it makes it exciting, because it really it is it's part of that creative process that, you know, anyway, we love to do that every day. It's at the end of the day. We we sometimes joke about how messy the store might be. But that means it's been a good day. Because I mean, we've been pulling stuff all day long. Yeah. And I and that's what we're there for is to be able to help customers. Because of course, we have a lot of fabric and

Heidi Kaisand: you know, sometimes they're tucked in in places that maybe don't jump out at somebody. And so we're glad to pull fabric and bolts out to see if it

Jami Willett: makes a fit or auditions properly into what they're making. We'd love that part of it. Yeah, yes. Well, we've got so many things happening at hen and chick studio.

Heidi Kaisand: Every day. There's something that's happening, but I thought we would talk a little bit today about a couple of things that are just around the corner. And I want to first actually reiterate last week's show, we talked with Celine Perkins about our mystery quilt, which starts in just two days on October 29. And it is not too late to sign up to be a part of that mystery quilt. So if you didn't happen to catch last week's show, you can always go back to the website and listen to it about what a mystery quilt is. But if you do know what a mystery cult ism and want to jump in, it's super simple. Just go to our website and type in four points. That's one Word, the number for fo U R, capital poi en Ts. And that will pop up and we can put a link as well into this show so that you can learn more about it. But ever, there's so many things going on and in November. I've been known to go a little crazy on Fridays in November. And and we were calling it our November Friday frenzy. And even as we speak, we're not even quite sure yet, what is all going to go on on those days, but we're certainly going to have fun, aren't we?

Jami Willett: Oh, we will. And if anybody has been involved in past years, they know it's something that you don't want to miss out on that again, it doesn't mean that it's not too late. Just follow along on how to do whether on our website or on Facebook to learn more as we get better prepared for our Friday frenzy. Exciting mornings for sure. On Friday mornings in November,

Heidi Kaisand: yes. And in. In the past, what we have done is created some bundles for a certain price. And those bundles are at ridiculously frenzied prices. And there are only a limited quantity of them. So it makes for a little Frenzy is that and that's why we're calling it Friday frenzy. We're trying to figure out different ways to be able to accommodate more people. So you can certainly expect to see some of that. We're going to take a quick commercial break, and we'll be back right after this. Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand along with Jamie Willett of hen and chick studio in Conrad, Iowa. And we're talking about all sorts of things that are happening at hen and chick studio. And next week we will be kicking off our November Friday frenzy. Which girl, what can they expect? Right, Jamie? What can they expect, they can expect fabric.

Jami Willett: They can expect fabric I think they can expect maybe even a little unexpected, perhaps some other free product or not free product, but products that will be bundled together with the fabrics. Always fun, and always different than what you might think it could be to.

Heidi Kaisand: That's right. And we're always trying to come up with different combinations of things. And again, we're trying to think of how we can accommodate more people in our Friday frenzy frenzy event, so that more people can be creative. And so that is it will happen right at 10 o'clock, each of those Fridays, so that are so that all things are equal, that that if somebody wants to walk in the front door, that they have that opportunity as well as our staff is there to answer phones or do whatever we need to do. Because again, it does get a little frenzied and it is a first come first serve opportunity. And but Coulter's? You know, I have to say when we did our anniversary party, now at this point, almost a month ago, and I have to say publicly, thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate, but I loved how courteous our customers are. And there's no pushing, no shoving, even when we had some deals that day. Every even though there's a frenzy. Everybody is very cool, calm and collected. I love that part of

Jami Willett: it. Yes, yes. And I would reiterate what you said Heidi, about our anniversary, or your anniversary celebration as well. Such great support from our community here in Conrad. Throughout everybody. We've touched even from different states sending messages and some different things. It was it was an awesome celebration. But it's just it's so wonderful to have the support of all people, whether they're quilters or not. And so I would also just extend that gracious. Thank you, everybody.

Heidi Kaisand: Well, it certainly was our It was certainly our success of of our anniversary, and I couldn't do it without all the great staff that I have. In fact, I think every almost everybody was on task that day, and we needed everyone. So it was it was all good. Well, another exciting thing that we've got coming up is our new rendition of feathered friends. In in 2021, we introduced a subscription program called feathered friends with three different levels. Do you want to kind of describe how we break that down Jamie?

Jami Willett: Well, of course because we are feathered friends here at hen and chicks studio and we have our nest retreat center. We wanted to keep that little theme going so we have our chicks. Are hands and of course our roosters as a part of our program, three different levels, you can choose which one you would want to be. But dash 2021 was so much fun, I even knowing some of the things that are kind of in the pipeline for 2022, I'm going to be so excited for it. So certainly we hope to get more chicks in our flock

Heidi Kaisand: this year as well, absolutely whatever, whatever level they come in. And so basically, each month, what our feathered friends get, everybody gets a newsletter with a pattern in it. And we'll talk a little bit more about that. And some other I'll say inspirational things. If some of you know I love to do doodles, and I share some of those kinds of creativity things in the newsletter as well. So everybody gets a newsletter. And then depending on the level that you come in, at, and it's probably sounds pretty obvious, a chick is little hen is a little bigger, and a roosters a little bigger, then you get it's sometimes exclusive product in 2021. I know on more than one occasion, I can say two for sure, maybe actually three, the fabric, the fabric that we got in never even made it to the floor, because it was at all went into our feathered friends package. So again, the chick will get a certain dollar amount that's a little you know, I think it's about the whole package the month the package is about $19 The hen package is 39. And the rooster is 59. Now that includes your newsletter, so it's not that you get $59 worth of product. It's closer to about $40 worth of product for the rooster. And so there's those kinds of things. And sometimes we've done fabric, mostly fabric, we did some a little bit of wool and embroidery. So that was fun, a little bit different to I'm not quite sure what we've got on the all included on the horizon for 2022. And that way, but and then the roosters do get a couple extra benefits that the the chicks in the hens do not. For example, they get an exclusive bag of some sort or tote. Again, you don't know what it is, it'll be it would be a surprise. And then there is a golden egg that the rooster gets. And we certainly had a lot of fun with that this year too.

Jami Willett: Yes. And the golden eggs this year were beautiful, wonderful. Little fun. And golden egg. Yes.

Heidi Kaisand: And it's and and the thing is it's not it's not physically an egg. Don't worry, you're not getting like a, you know, an egg painted gold or anything like that. But it's a treat. And to me that's what a golden egg is is it's a really special treat. And that is something that we did do in the roosters. So, Signups are going to begin November 15. So we're starting to talk about it now. Because it is something that you know, you might want to talk to your family about. It might be an awesome Christmas present. That was just thinking that yes, or you might be asking for gift certificates to pay for it. It is a monthly subscription so you pay each month for that amount we of course ship for an additional $8.50 And this past year. What did you call the wagon? The other day when we were shipping out the October

Jami Willett: like the Grinches sled before Christmas, it was overflowing with packages headed to the post office.

Heidi Kaisand: Yes. And and that's always fun for us because we know it's like a fun little present that everybody is going to get. And so anyway, you can you can do that as well. So Signups are going to begin November 15. One of the things that is exciting in 2022 is that I am working with a 12 Wonderful, well known designers to design projects for us for the newsletter, and there'll be interviews with with each of those designers making it an opportunity to get to know some of them on a whole new level. And I think that'll be an exciting twist to 2022 Absolutely. Yeah, so that is that is wonderful. So God so look at we've already been talking about we've got the mystery quilt happening. We've got Friday frenzy, that frenzy that will be every Friday in November, we've got feathered friends, and there's there's always more going on. And when we come back from a commercial break, we're going to talk about ways that you can come and be creative at hen chick studio in the nest Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand and Jamie Willett from hidden chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa. And many of you are getting to know Jamie, through her weekly take home Tuesday show that she's been doing and boy, Jamie, you you have a lot of fun with all of the crafts, and different creative ideas that you spill out during that show.

Jami Willett: Oh yes, it has been fun. Each Tuesday, we bring you some sort of creative aspect, it may not it, it does not have to do with sewing all the time at all. We've talked about things from well, we've done food, we've done smoothies, we've done DECA posh, all sorts of things, just trying to inspire people with a short little quick project. We've had really positive feedback and enjoyed those little episodes, so to speak, maybe there, maybe 15 minutes on average, not long, but it gives you a jumpstart to a project that you might be able to work on with your kids or yourself are using scraps up, it's been a lot of

Heidi Kaisand: fun it is and you can always find all of those episodes, of course, they're first published or done on Facebook. And then we load them up to Instagram as well, too. So they're on IG TV, as well as on our website under the take home Tuesday tab. Because we know from experience that quilters love to venture out also beyond just making their quilts and they've got grandkids and they've got you know, opportunities to do some of these other kinds of things. So it has become a great source of projects for people people to do in their spare time.

Jami Willett: Oh, yeah. And, and fun. Yes, yes. Even sometimes have guests on our show?

Heidi Kaisand: Oh, yes, absolutely. And we love that some of your nieces and nephews have joined us and sometimes our high school kids that work with us, they typically Virginia get to get in there as well. So we do have fun with that. Because again, it's all about being creative and having fun. And, and along that line, I think there is nothing better than to find time to dedicate to whatever it is that you're trying to be, you know, creative doing, whether that's quilting, scrapbooking, knitting, traditional rug, hooking, beading, jewelry making my gosh, the list, the list could go on. And one of the things that I know, when I started hitting chick studio 10 years ago, was I knew how important it would be for me to remove myself from my busy schedule. And to sort of, you know, put myself in a place where I wasn't tempted by the laundry or the dishes or cooking supper. And that is sort of, you know, move through and say the essence of what our retreat center which we lovingly call the nest is all about, it's a place to again, dedicate time, whether it's a few hours or a few days to working on your projects,

Jami Willett: right? Absolutely. Because it's so easily if we are at home, so easily distractible, with everything else that needs to be done. So having a space to come and just will not only work on your projects, but maybe meet some new friends and be inspired by other creative people or get input from them and learn new ideas. That's a fabulous thing that we can offer.

Heidi Kaisand: Yes, and in some ways, I think our we have our concrete with me retreats, which are for their day retreats, basically their day retreats, a lot of our local customers. When I when I say local, that radius goes all the way from Ames to Webster City to Cedar Falls Waterloo traer. I'm trying to think of some of the outlying areas where

Jami Willett: we're clearly Oh, yeah, yeah.

Heidi Kaisand: Yep, absolutely. And what are those, what are concrete with me days I think are designed to do is one, if you have it on the calendar, and you're coming, you know you're accountable, you're going to get something done. So that number one is a good thing. And number two, oh my gosh, the opportunity to build relationships with other women that are doing similar things, or at least are in the creative mode like you are and have the opportunity to share what you're doing You mean what you love doing with them?

Jami Willett: Yes, absolutely. And and I would encourage people if they haven't heard of, they'll come create with me days before, investigate. Don't be intimidated or afraid that you won't know anybody or fit in or any of that stuff. Certainly, it's a welcoming. We have some regulars that come we have some that are hop in and out at different times with it. But give yourself that opportunity to maybe do make some new connections with people and and try it for a time.

Heidi Kaisand: Yes, and our I have to say, I think the women that do come are just so welcoming to our newcomers. And I love that about all of them, because it just gives them it gives our group even more flavor. To have different individuals in it. We have two big retreat dates coming up. November 16 17th, and 18th are three days that are blocked off for our comm create with me retreats, as well as then a much bigger retreat, November 30, through December 5, and that does include the weekend, because we do recognize that some women have full time jobs and they can't get to, you know, to other kinds of retreats. So we throw a weekend in there every once in a while to be able to do that. And if you want to learn more about that, you can go to hen and chicks and click on retreats and you will find all of that information and more and of course, you're always welcome to call us at hen and chicks studio in Conrad 641-366-3336 And until next week, be creative