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Silicone Applique Fusing Mat : 12"x18"

Size: 12inx18in

No fusible will ever stick to it, or your iron again… Iron directly onto it and peel your pieces off with fusible stuck to your fabric ONLY!
Transparent so you may view as you work
Heat up to 280 degrees Celsius / 536 degrees Fahrenheit
Safe to use with a hot glue gun or heat gun
Fuse directly on to the mat, nothing sticks to the mat
Slightly tacky so as your pieces stay in place without slipping
The mat does not move on the tabletop surface
Care for your mat by periodically rinsing under warm soapy water and air dry
Fusible Applique
Place the applique design under the mat. Since the mat is transparent, the cut applique shapes can be placed perfectly. Since it is heat resistant, multiple layers can be placed simultaneously and pressed with a hot iron. The layered appliques can then be picked up as one piece and placed on the background fabric. An added bonus? The mat is slightly tacky so the pieces won’t migrate when positioned.

Thicknes: 0.7mm
Material: Food grade Silicone+glass fibre
Color: Purple