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Do you have a fabric stash? Silly question, right?! May 1 is the beginning of our next BUST YOU STASH CHALLENGE! Our challenge is available in-store. Stop in the store in Conrad, Iowa, and become a member of our Stash Queen Wall of Fame!

Can I participate in both the in-store and the online version of the Bust Your Stash Challenge?
Yes, when we offer both versions, we'd love to have you participate in both. But please know that you can only pick-up the in-store pattern in the store. We will not be posting it to our Creative Community. And, if you come into the store, you wont be able to get the online pattern, you can only download it from our online group. And, in order to receive your Stash Queen Coupon, you must bring the in store challenge in the store or you must post your online challenge online.

Do I have to make the pattern the size that is stated?
Yes! Unless I've stated in the guidelines that you have an option of sizes, you are to make it the same size or larger as the original pattern.

Does my quilt top have to be quilted and bound?
No! We are just wanting you to complete the quilt top. But, if you want to quilt and bind it--GO FOR IT! You'll be so happy to #getitdone.

Do I have to use my 40% off one item coupon the day I bring in my Stash Buster?
No. But it's a great chance to get 40% off the backing fabric for that project if you need it. Or to purchase a kit that you've been dreaming about making.

Is there an expiration on my 40% off one item coupon?

Can I use my 40% off one item coupon on classes or events?

In-Store May 2018 Bust Your Stash Challenge

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