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Heidi Kaisand: Good morning and welcome to create with Heidi. I'm Heidi Kaisand, owner of Hen and Chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa, and lover of all things creative. Each week here on create with Heidi, we like to cover topics that educate and inspire you about how people are being creative, whether it's quilting, scrapbooking, food, wool, or just just hanging out with others who seem to have their creative Mojo groovin in all the right directions. We are excited to share these things with you. Each week, I love to start with a quote. And today it is proverbs 27. Nine, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul. And that is something that I feel is exactly what happens at hen and chick studio when we see retreaters come and enjoy our facility and our retreat center. And it's it is so refreshing. I love that. So today I've invited my good friend Roseanne Kermes, from Minnesota, to join me to talk a little bit about retreating. And oh, I think probably a few other things along the way. So good morning, Roseanne, how are you today?

Roseanne Kermes: Good. Thanks for having me out. Again. Heidi. Oh, absolutely.

Heidi Kaisand: You and I could fill multiple shows, with all all the topics that we would love to talk about. But our retreat center at hidden chick studio and for people who don't know, we actually do have a fully equipped retreat center that sleeps 14 comfortably, can hold a few more crafters with the number of tables that we have. But our facility has accommodations that has the beds that has a fully equipped kitchen, everything you need to be creative. And you know, it's really fun for me to talk about the retreat center and why I created it. But I thought it would really be fun to talk to you about it because you were recently a retreat or

Roseanne Kermes: Yes, it was it was a something that my friends and I planned in March. And then we had to wait until the middle of June to actually be able to come to the retreat because of everyone's schedules. And it was one of those things where we're all looking forward to it. In fact, the week before we had a text message going about, you know, what kind of projects are you going to bring? What time you're going to arrive? Do you want to carpool? All those kind of fun things that get too excited about going?

Heidi Kaisand: Oh, it can be so fun planning for a retreat. Now, one of the questions that we often get asked about our retreat center and the retreaters. That come is, you know, like, how did they, you know, how did these groups form? You know, like they asked if we're, you know, like if we formed them, you know what I mean? And we put groups together, and we don't if it's a private retreat, then you get to invite. So like in this particular case, you sort of spearheaded your retreat. You were the the instigator of it correct?

Roseanne Kermes: Yeah, well, my friend was and I got together for the first time there after the pandemic and had coffee One morning, and then we just were talking about how we miss people. And she was talking about how she wanted to hit on chicks and do a retreat, because she had heard so much about it, our friend Julian had been at your store and had seen the retreat center. So you know, we had kind of that conversation going on. So it kind of went on from there, we invited different people that we thought would be interested in going and you know, it shook out that there were five of us who couldn't make that date. So that's how we started planning it.

Heidi Kaisand: And that's wonderful. And it's just a group of friends in this particular case. You know, you're not related. We do have a lot of groups. In fact, last weekend, we had a group that was three generations, fellow mothers daughters, you know, and they're in grandchildren. And so we do have some of those kinds of groups. But most often I would say that it's probably what you're talking about friends, you haven't seen each other for a while, have that common interest in whatever in this particular case quilting summer at scrapbooking summits, you know, other kinds of crafts, that you you simply are looking for an opportunity to get together.

Roseanne Kermes: And also for me My life has been kind of in disarray lately because I were reorganizing some things I haven't had a chance to, to be able to sell. And so for me it was an opportunity to pull out a flying machine actually brought a flying machine I hadn't used yet. And it just slips in fact if I had a number of projects I want to work on I got several of them done to a certain stage and I was happy about it and other people brought All kinds of different things. It wasn't always just quilting. But it was just fun to see what people want what they wanted to work on and what they accomplished.

Heidi Kaisand: Yes, in the end. And you're right, that when you know you have a timeframe of what is a head, it really gives you an opportunity to start organizing your stuff. And you'd like you said, you had a couple months to be thinking about what you were going to take and you know what you were going to do with that. And I would love to talk with you more about how you organize your stuff for your retreat. But we're going to take a quick commercial break, and we'll be back right after that. This is Heidi Kaisand from hen and chick studio in Conrad. Here's page with her story of quilting at hidden check. Oh, I call it a lot.
I do. I use hen and chicks quite a bit. I love Heidi, I even tend to manipulate the patterns that I use to fit what I want. She's always so helpful. It really is a lot of fun to spend time with my family members as well as you know, friends, we get a lot of talking done a lot of reminiscing and you know, we work so well together doing our quilts that it just goes so smoothly and and Heidi is always there or available for us if we have any questions or need anything. And we of course can go downstairs. And if we forgot a piece of fabric or forgot we need more rotary cutters or anything that we might have forgotten it's down there and we can just grab it and buy it and we don't have to worry about it
hidden check studio at 101 North Main Street in Conrad schedule retreat today and come make some memories with us online at hidden chicks Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand from hidden chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa. And my guest today is Roseanne kermis. From White Bear Lake Minnesota. And she was recently at our retreat center with her friends and we were talking about before the break. How you mentioned that you'd been in disarray. Why? Why are you in disarray in your sewing room, it should always be like your haven.

Roseanne Kermes: I that's exactly true. And the area, I have a separate area outside of my home where I've been working and it was under some reconstruction. And it's, it's been chaotic there. It's been hard to hard to work there. So for me to get ready to this for this retreat, I had to go back and look through the different areas where I had projects that I wanted to work on. And I was lucky that the one main project I wanted to do was all in one big tote bag. I didn't have to worry about what was the pattern, where's the fabric, everything I needed was in there. And that's the one I brought to work on. And that's the one that I completed a quote tab during the retreat. But then I found a few other little things that case I got bored, you know that i they stuffed in my bag. Yes, that was fun. The other thing I needed to do too, is I want to make sure that I had the right tools. I like to bring my own cutting tools. I know you have, you know, big cutting area and stuff up there. But

Heidi Kaisand: everybody's got their favorite rotary cutter and their favorite scissors. And so what are what are some of the favorite things that you like to bring to a retreat and work with?
Well, I brought, you know, rotor cutting tools. And I made sure I had an extra set of blades for both those two sides that I had. And I bought scissors, of course. And I brought one of those bigger also folding mats that could fit that on my table. And that was perfect for cutting some of the small things that I needed for this quilt. But then some of the other things were you think, Oh, I made sure no, I had I bought two machines. And so I made sure I had bobbins and thread that would work on both of them. So each machine and above and for that. I also bought a packing machine needles because, you know, sometimes run over stuff. And my seam ripper.

Heidi Kaisand: Of course, everybody needs a good seam ripper with them.

Yeah, and I've got a couple different pin cushions because some of my pin cushions like put different kinds of pins in and so I brought those and then a needle kick needle kit with, you know, sewing needles and things like that. But then the other thing is, you know, we decided when we when we decided to come, we decided we weren't going to make meals. I know you have a kitchen that's full service there. We could have clicked on things. But our deal is we wanted to get away you know, we cooked meals every day at home. Yeah, and we want to do something else. So we were happy that in town we could find different places to go for meals. The first night after we got up there we went to that place and had a great meal. It was very fun there.

Heidi Kaisand: Did you have the prize winning pie because that's all It's a favorite.

Roseanne Kermes: I mean, people did it. 

Heidi Kaisand: And for anybody who has not been to that place, of course, they're so well known for their their prime rib on Friday and Saturday nights, which is awesome. I know their food is good. But the prize winning pie takes the prize. And, and I have to tell you that a retreat or two years ago when she ran out, they didn't have pie don't run out. Oh, I know. gasp. So when they came a couple weeks ago, they called ahead and ordered an entire pie so that they would not run out and made sure that they had so they got to have it a whole pie if you can imagine.

Roseanne Kermes: Yeah, and you know, we those that ordered it couldn't eat the whole thing. So a lot of leftovers in the refrigerator. Yes. Okay. I think you know, the other thing that was nice is what we went to the little bar down the street. arcade, right? Yeah, we had a great lunch there one days, and those were enough to, to kind of fill us up. We didn't need big dinner. The grocery store down from you. Yeah, I'm able to get through lots of you know, they have fruits. They had snacky things I mean, man. Yeah, I think they're in cases, of course, you know? Yeah. Well,

Heidi Kaisand: I got you hooked on the breakfast pizza. You know, being from Minnesota, you know, there are cases up in Minnesota, but you just had not become really acquainted with them until on a road trip with me. And of course, we just gravitate towards Casey's for the breakfast, pizza and all that. So now, you know, did you get any of that, too?

Roseanne Kermes: Yeah, this is a life changing pizza. But it's just it was nice to have those conveniences around us that we didn't have to, you know, to search around and plan and bring meals and things. The other thing I enjoyed about Conrad is every morning I got up, and I walked around the town if I tried a different area each morning, man it is a cute cute town. It's very walkable, if you're you know if you want to get your aerobics in for the day, but just the eye candy that just looking at people's how they decorate their porches, their yards. It was just so fun is so pretty, I was just surprised how many cute spots are on Conrad.

Heidi Kaisand: And, and that's something that I certainly have noticed too, is that the entire town takes pride. And that doesn't. There certainly are a variety of homes, everything from mobile homes, to bigger homes. But it It appears and when I walk around town to that everybody takes pride in their in their home. And it's wonderful because it just makes for a very nice community and, and it is a fun place to walk. And with the new there's a new path up in the northern part of the town through a new development that's up there that is is really a nice walking path. And I to when I stay at the retreat center, I get up and walk around Conrad because it's a it's a really nice opportunity to, to get out.

Roseanne Kermes: Yes. And yes. Like one of our my friends, she went over next across the street and had a manicure one day because she just wanted you know, she had arranged ahead of time and wanted to just do something nice for yourself. And she didn't realize later that she could have signed up for a man massage too. And she's to think next time she'll she'll try that just because that's half the fun of going away to these retreats is having that opportunity to pamper yourself.

Heidi Kaisand: Yes. And and again. Yeah, we have all of those conveniences. And there's a few little shops that you can go out and shop I'm always so glad you know that we've got something to share in a new store. 123 main and sheer bliss has her clothing. I'm not going to say the name of her company right now because a clothing company but sheer bliss is across the street from us. I mean, and and that's what makes the whole community. I do think it's a destination and fun for quilters to get away and there's something a little bit different probably than what they have at home.

Roseanne Kermes: Yes, I think that but the biggest thing is we came here to work. And I have to say that the the space is ideal for us. We each had enough room like I was working on a big quilt, and I had room to sew and let this thing you know flow out on a machine. But other people were doing some different things. One woman was just doing handwork, she was able to spread out all her stuff all on her table. The lighting is great. The ability to have those big cutting tables is is really good because a couple of us had some big, big things that we had to chop up. But didn't you know, the bathrooms, everything about it and like the towels were nice and fluffy, the beds were comfortable. We had enough space that we could space ourselves out in the sleeping area. So we weren't right on top of each other but the beds were great. And it was just everything about the space. made us feel good.

Heidi Kaisand: And thank you and I you know I'm glad you know that's when when I envisioned 10 years ago which is so hard to believe What I envisioned 10 years ago what that space would be used for and how it would be used. I love hearing everything that you're saying because that's that's what I envisioned is that is that women would come and get a little break from their busy lives, and rejuvenate but dedicate time to their craft whatever that was. And to be able to to rekindle friendships. I mean, there's so many parts of that that are important for our mental health, our physical health, all all of that. So I love hearing all of that. Now, we've got to take a commercial break. And when we come back, I we could because we're Minnesota, Iowa, we could tell Ollie and Lina jokes because I think there's, you know, some things like that, but instead, I want to hear about the Minnesota State Fair quilts that might be coming up. I'm in Minnesota, and I've just been at the Iowa State Fair and saw the quilt. So let's talk quilts at the State Fair when we come back. This is Heidi Kaisand from Henan chicks studio and Conrad. Here's page with their story of quilting at hen and chick studio. I have done quite a few retreats up there.She has a great space. I love going up there because especially when I'm cutting fabric, and if you're cool to your understand this, it's a pyre so you're not bending over. And she has these display mounts so we can you can put it up there and reorganize rather than having to lay on the floor. It's a it's a great space up there friends, my mom and my sister we all go together my aunt actually a lot of us do it together. And a lot of time we work on the same quilt together. So there's one person cutting one person sewing one person ironing, we can whip out a quilt in a few hours depending on the size head and check studio at 101
North Main Street and Conrad, schedule a retreat with friends and family today and come make some memories with us online at hidden chicks Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand from Henan chicks studio with Roseanne kermesse, from Minnesota. And before the break, I alluded to that we could tell Ollie and Lina jokes and you just have to know I grew up in Northern Iowa, literally five miles from the Minnesota border. And there were always these Norwegian and I grew up in a very Norwegian community. And so there are always these these Ollie and Lina jokes which I can't remember any of them. So I can't even tell you one. But I thought instead we should be talking about the state fair, because right now we are in the middle of the Iowa State Fair. And it is such an exciting event. Of course there was no fair last year. So very fun for everybody to be able to gather, and to be able to see everything that's fun about the fair and everything. It's good to eat at the fair to we could talk about food. But we got to go down Sunday evening for a few hours to the Iowa State Fair. And just so impressed with the quilts that had been entered in the open classes, quilts that had been entered in the four h building. And it's really fun to see all of that. And I know you're looking forward to the Minnesota State Fair coming up as well.

Roseanne Kermes:  Yes, after starts next week. But two years ago, we came down to the Iowa State Fair and

Heidi Kaisand: scoping us out were Yeah, you were scoping us out.

Roseanne Kermes: You were scoping out Yes. Right. You know, let us see like, you know who's got the better state fair. I think it's a tie. But we went in to that varied industry building. Yeah, we're all the quilts were in just for people who don't know, our quilts are displayed differently than yours. But yours are in a really big auditorium. And there's man there must be 1000 quilts. Yes, there.

Heidi Kaisand: Yeah, they have close to I know, I don't know what the exact numberis this year, but 850 to 1000. Somewhere in there, I think is the typical a number of quilts that are entered.

Roseanne Kermes: And yeah, I can believe it. So the other day, I'm on a Facebook group called iOS through the lens, and somebody on there put up photos, this whole thing is all photos that you take in Iowa. And so she put up 20 I think it's 25 photos of the quilts in the very industry building.

Heidi Kaisand: And that was on Facebook. I've got to get on a group. I can't believe I'm not on that.

Oh my gosh, if you love Iowa, you need to be on this group because the photos are unbelievable. It's just people taking photos with their phone, some hair photographers and then biggest sharing it but it has to be photos that happened in Iowa. Minnesota also has Minnesota through the lens there's Wyoming through the lenses all kinds of different through the lens Whoops. But I was excited to see this. This woman when she posted these, these photos of the quilts. Honest, oh, man, is there is there just much fabric in Iowa, because there's a lot of quilt here. And they're all so different. Some very traditional, some kind of on the primitive side, some modern and bright. Just just a big range.

Heidi Kaisand: Absolutely. And one of the things that I like about the fair about the way they display the quilts at the Iowa State Fair is that they have downstairs and they have upstairs. And a lot of times people don't realize they're walking down on the the main floor, that there's even more upstairs because they put one room that's all blue ribbon, like the top of the cat, each of the categories is one room that's downstairs. And so that shows the variety to me, of you know, you see the applique next to the to the T shirt quilt, next to the piecing to the design to the contemporary, all of those categories, the small pieces, I mean, the hand quilting versus machine quilting, again, you see the the drastic range of size and style in that room. And then this year, because of some of the changes to the State Fair, they didn't do what they refer to as there. So in where they make charity quilts, and but they used that space to display even more quilts downstairs, which was awesome. Wow. And then you go upstairs and used and the room is full, full, full full. And I and you're right, it's there's so much color. And I will tell you that Coleen, Virginia entered a quilt in the junior category, this year for the first time, because we didn't do four h this year because of other just reasons. And so I so you can always enter a quilt in the open class. And that was exciting for them to see their quilts. And they were they entered them one under each name, although they're done as a team. And so basically, they both worked on both quilts, and they got a third place ribbon, and an honorable mention. And so that was very exciting. So I got to, you know, give a little kudos to them for, for entering those quilts and getting those done. So

Roseanne Kermes: that was awesome. You know, I used to be, I used to enter in competitions at the State Fair. And once I went into a business, I had to stop because you're considered a professional. But there was it was exciting to enter items into the fair. And then to go in and search out where they were, like sitting in sort of safe areas is this display differently. They'll mix up different crafts, and quilts and things in big showcases. So you really have to kind of hunt for your area. They're not divided out by category, and enjoy where it is. It's fun to go and find your things. You know, it's amazing how your family actually gets into it. But also from it was also

Heidi Kaisand: you're still there. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah, I heard about it. Yeah.

Roseanne Kermes: It was also reading the judges comments after our when we get our projects back. There's a comment card with your score attached to it, and reading the judges comments. So if you want to enter in that category again, next year, you can see ways to improve. And our you know, sometimes some of the comments are like, what was that judge thinking? Yeah. Oh, I'm sure I've been on that side of the table. Oh,

Heidi Kaisand :well, Gao Roseanne. I knew when I invited you to join me this morning that we would not have enough time and if you can believe it is time for us to wrap up the show. But I am so glad that you were able to share your experiences at hidden chicks studio. And we hope everybody will stop by and see the retreat center. We're open Monday through Friday 10 to five Saturday 10 to three and until next week. Be creative