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Sharing Quilts with Others

a quilt-giving event 

Help us spread happiness coast-to-coast during our Threads of Happiness event July 1-31, 2024. 

Here's how it will work:
1) Fill out the NOMINATION form for someone to receive a quilt. Must be submitted by June 28, 2024, to be considered. One nomination per person. Recipient must have a United States of America mailing address. 
2) Our staff will match the nomination form with the best quilted item (previous store samples and retreat center quilts) for the recipient. 
3) We'll ship the quilted item to the recipient and let them know how much they are loved!

Things to Consider:

Why should you nominate someone to receive a quilted item? 
    * A person is sick and fighting an illness.
    * A person has experienced a tragic event, like a tornado, fire, earthquake or hurricane.
    * A person has done something good to help others and you want to honor them.
    * A person has served in the military and you want to honor them.
What size of quilted item will the recipient receive?

    * When filling out the nomination form, you'll be able to note what size you prefer, but Hen & Chicks Studio reserves the right to fulfill the request with any size item based on our availability.
Is there any cost to do this, either as a nominator or a recipient? 
     No! Hen & Chicks Studio will be responsible for all shipping costs (within the USA).
Threads of Happiness A Quilt-Giving Event

Deadline is June 28, 2024

BONUS Opportunity to Help Others!

Want to help children in need by giving them a quilt? Quilts for Kids has been giving quilts to kids in need for more than 25 years and they need more quilts.

If you can help, we'd love to collect FINISHED quilts (approximately 45x60") to donate to Quilts for Kids. Hen & Chicks Studio will be a drop-off point for collecting quilts and be responsible for getting them to Quilts for Kids. 
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