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Good morning and welcome to create with Heidi. I'm Heidi Kaisand, owner of hidden chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa, and lover of all things creative. Each week here on create with Heidi, we like to cover topics that educate and inspire you about how people are being creative, whether it's quilting, scrapbooking, food, wool, or just hanging out with others who seem to have their creative Mojo groove and in all the right directions. We are excited to share these things with you. Each week, I love to start the show with a quote. And my quote today is, life is a celebration. Consider everything that makes you happy as a gift from God and say, thank you. And that was Francis Lucille of the preferred perfume of silence. But waking up every morning with gratitude is something that I do, because I have so much to be thankful for. And this morning, I welcome a co worker and staff members Jamie Willits. Good morning, Jamie. Good morning, Heidi. And we are we're either crazy, or we're creative, or we're just planning a big party, aren't we?
We are at great celebration, a great
celebration on Sunday, October 3, that is in just a few days, we are going to be celebrating literally to the day 10 years of opening hidden chip studio in Conrad. And first of all, where did the time go? And, you know, 10 years, it's like, whoo, it's gone. And so on Sunday, we're having a party from 12 noon, to 5pm. And I'll tell you right now, we're making cupcakes actually Bailey's making cupcakes. And we'd love to know if you're coming. So if you would like to RSVP and of course, there's even a place if you're not coming, we'd still love to hear from you. And there's a place to write comments. If you go to our website at hidden ship slash party, you will be able to RSVP for that cupcake or send us a little message. But we're having fun, aren't we Jamie getting ready.
Oh, we're having so much fun getting ready Heidi and and just when you were saying that, that it's been 10 years, it just almost brings goosebumps to me because what an accomplishment. And I know that you will feel so blessed and and privileged to be able to do something that you're passionate about every day. But also is something that you should take great pride in. And I know you do an offering the services that we do here at Hana studio. But Gosh, it's just such an exciting thing. 10 years, it is a drop in the bucket.
It is and I plan on going for quite some time. And yesterday, I was in a meeting with some other business owners and you know, everybody has their own take on their own business. But I was reflecting upon something that one of the owners had said, that does not hold true for me. I wake up every morning and love the thought and actually can't wait to get to the store to do what we do. It is so exciting to me. And I I love that after 10 years, that energy is still very strong inside of me and and I don't think it's dying anytime soon.
And, and working with you, Heidi, I would 100% agree with that.
It is fun. Well, as I was saying that when people go to our website to the slash party page and RSVP. People can write us a note. And I have to tell you, Jamie, I spent a little time this morning reading through some of those notes. And although I'd love to read all of them, I have a few that I thought I would share this morning. Just to tell you again, I am grateful that that we're reaching out and touching people's lives in such a creative way. And so these are just a few of the things that people have written. I will be there in spirit, celebrate and absorb all your customer love. Yes, I won't be there in spirit and celebrate and absorb all your customer love. I love that. Congratulations on 10 years of your wonderful shop, you do an amazing job of creating momentum and marketing. I appreciate your positive attitudes, beautiful fabrics, kind to help with my questions and everyone's great customer service. I wish you continued blessings and many more great years in business. And this next one. Thank you for brightening my creative world and this is the net Next one scares me Jamie. So excited to celebrate to celebrate with you. I hope to bring a carload
oh wow well welcome that carload I know that yeah,
it is fun, it will be fun and we've got several things planned whether you can join us in spirit or in person. And we've we've we're working on we've got things still chime in and going in that party page is going to be a great place for especially for people who cannot join us on Sunday to be watching. They're on Sunday on that party page. There will be some specific things there for online people to register for our drawings and to do some different things. So just make sure that if you can't come on Sunday, to know that there is going to be something for you as well. Well, we're gonna take a quick commercial break and when we come back we're going to talk a little bit more about Sunday. I can't believe it has been 10 years This is Heidi Kaisand from Henan chicks studio in Conrad, we are celebrating 10 years in business and you're invited to the party sunday october 3 hidden chicks studio will be open noon to 5pm serving cupcakes and having in store and online specials to please RSVP for a cupcake at hidden chick slash party that Sunday, October 3 noon to 5pm. We'd love to see you thank you for 10 great years. Welcome back to create with Heidi This is Heidi Kaisand and Jamie Willett from it hidden chicks studio in Conrad, Iowa. And if you're listening from afar, Conrad is just a short jaunt north of Marshalltown about 15 miles a nice small farming community of about 1100 people and we are on like I called Main Street being a block and a half. And we're on that the main block of our main street, but we are blessed to have a very strong community of downtown businesses there in Conrad. And that part is so exciting. And I think we all help them thrive on each other.
Oh, yes, it's a cooperative effort, for sure. Certain.
Absolutely. I was thinking that one benefit of having this party on Sunday afternoon, since I literally we did literally open the doors on October 3 2011 is that there'll be extra parking because some of those businesses will not be open so there'll be extra downtown parking on on Sunday, so that'll be a good thing. But one of the little special side notes on Sunday is that we have invited a local organization called growing hope globally, to have their pumpkins and gourds available in our back yard. If you've, you know, come to the store, or noticed the the store in any of the last few years. At fall, we always have pumpkins out front. And those have been the last few years have been from growing hope globally. One of our customers and her husband are very involved Jane and Don linen brink, and they're very involved in so as we started talking about our event, they said they've got more pumpkins and gourds to sell and to help raise money for their event. And so I told them, they were Welcome to put the pumpkins in the backyard. And Jane and Don will be there on Sunday afternoon, again, from 12 to five, with their pumpkins with the money all going to growing hope globally. And I'm going to just read this statement about what they're doing, because I think it's important for you to understand is that they are growing lasting solutions to hunger, the programs you support through growing hope globally, give people around the world that did dignity of providing for themselves. We work with local partners that understand the local context and provide the right tools and training to help families help themselves. So they're building skills and empowering communities to lead positive change that makes a difference in their lifetime. And I think that is I like that attitude of not just giving those communities anywhere in the world, giving them something they're teaching them sustainability and I think that is such an important thing with whether it's here in the United States or whether it's someplace else is that helping educate people to help themselves is a really good effort.
Oh, absolutely. And I must say when they brought the pumpkins to the store Are the variety. And the choices were amazing in that we got to see a lot in the back of the truck. And I know there is a lot more than they delivered some other ones. But just a great opportunity to, again, support something local, that's giving back to somebody else.
Yes. And we will have on the same on the party page, it's not on there yet. But we will also have all of the information about this organization. So if it's something you choose to participate in, you will have the information to help them either through the mail or online, there also be an online link there. And so that's, again, exciting. I'm glad that as we celebrate, I think everybody knows it's important to me to help other people. It's not just about making quilts at hidden chicks studio, there are a lot of other things that we do to help people and this is one of them. So glad, glad to have them with us. So like I said they'll be in the backyard. Now I know Don has a giant pumpkin. And I'm not sure if we're gonna get this done or not. But pal Jamie, do you think we should have a like, you know, which we know how much does the pumpkin weigh kind of contest or something because I think there's one that's quite huge that we could do that with?
Well, I think that would be a lot of fun. If they can figure out how to bring that giant pumpkin in to town, which I know they can figure that out. Once that'd be fun just to have a fun game. Again, it's not about just coming in and buying some more fabric to make a quilt or anything like that. It's about coming in celebrating and having fun. So why don't we have something like that, but people can participate in whether or not they want to come into the store, come see the pumpkin support that and get the weight of a pumpkin.
Yeah, and I think I mentioned this last week when you and I were talking about this is that the connections of the people at hidden chicks studio are so important. And if if Sunday becomes an outing, and a carload of, of gals, or family members, or whatever the carload is come and laugh, and enjoy and are inspired. It will be a successful day.
Oh, absolutely. And if they can have a smile on their face when they leave now, as you're visiting, and we're talking more about this, also remember it. This is a party and a celebration. So we want everybody smiling and happy and having a great time. But Gosh, if we have this wonderful turnout, that we are thinking it's going to be so much fun for everyone, including us.
Absolutely. And I think our entire staff is planning on being there. And we're going to have, everybody will have a team delegated to our online customers. So we don't want to neglect them. So we'll have people of helping any of our online customers or our phone customers, if they can't be there in person, but see something that way, you know, announced we'll be announcing Sunday morning, I'll probably do a video right before a live video right before noon, to just make sure everybody knows what is happening during our celebration. And then of course, everything will be live on our website as well as of course in person. So I think everybody will be there. So we'll we'll get you covered. So don't worry if you're again, if you can't come. You know, we'll take care of you from a distance. We love all the customers that we have gained in the last 10 years, literally from coast to coast and then a couple couple unconnected like Alaska and, and even Hawaii. So yeah, yes. Oh, yeah. So again, if you think you're gonna be able to join us, or even if you can't, we'd love to have you go to our hidden chicks, slash party, webs web page, and RSVP. Because again, even if you can't come, we still love to hear from you. And I love knowing that you're going to be with us in spirit. So that's, that's awesome, too. But we've got a lot of other fun things happening at hidden chicks studio, and we're going to take another quick commercial break. And when we come back, Jamie, I think we have to talk a little bit about what happens after October 3, because you know, we've been focusing on that, but that's not like the end all we've got so many things coming up after that. So when we come back, let's talk a little bit more about what happens on the first Monday of October. I can't believe it has been 10 years. This is Heidi Kaisand from hidden chicks studio in Conrad. We are celebrating 10 years in business and you're invited to the party sunday october 3 hidden chicks studio will be open noon to 5pm serving cupcakes and having in store and online specials to please RSVP for a cupcake at hidden chick slash party that's Sunday, October 3 noon to 5pm. We'd love to see you. Thank you for 10 great years. Welcome back to create with Heidi, this is Heidi Kaisand and Jamie Willett from hidden chicks studio. And as I was mentioning before the break, you know, there are times when, when we start to focus on an event, you know, a couple weeks ago, we were focusing on 100 days to Christmas. But it's not like, oh, that event is over. Okay, now we, we just, you know, take a long siesta kind of thing. We're constantly in motion, aren't we?
Oh, my goodness, if you? I chuckle because when you say that, yes, we thought we were so excited for the 100 days to Christmas, which is in itself. Unbelievable to think of that. But while we're celebrating the 100 days, Christmas, or the 10 year, party celebration, we're already we're already into 2022 looking at different fun things that we have coming up. So it never it never stops, which makes it fun for
Absolutely. Yeah, it makes it so exciting. And in fact, I should have said, we should first talk about what happens on October 1, prior to the party, October. So why don't you go ahead and talk about what we'll be doing on October 1.
Well, with a stash Buster every month, we have the first month a free downloadable pattern new pattern available to anybody who goes to our website, whether or not you're going to make the stash Buster pattern or not is up to you. But it's a free pattern that you can download. However, if you do complete the path of the free pattern, it doesn't have to be quoted. But it does need to be sewn together. And the dimension as as shown. It can be bigger than that if you want to add to it, but you can't make anything smaller just for a side note on that. But then we have this amazing opportunity for you to earn 40% off your purchase by completing the stash buster, and of course, all the details to that simple way for you to earn some bonus discount is all on our website, or we'd be happy to answer any of those questions.
Absolutely. Every month, I think I think we're even surprised by the amazing combinations of colors and pattern. And I just saw another one of the September stash busters get posted. And it is amazing to see how creative our customers are and and what they're doing. And they're they're taking a simple free pattern. And sometimes they're mostly I think they're using their stash. Sometimes they're buying the fabric we always have kits available for the stash busters are usually do. But it's amazing. And you take all of the photos that are submitted. And then we put those back up on the website. So if you go to the stash Buster page, you can click on any one of those months and see the array of what people are doing.
It is it amazes I'm speaking for both of us here. Sometimes it's just amazing what people come up with beyond our wildest imaginations. And is that if you don't even want to make assessments or just go check out what other people are doing it is it's an eye now I've used amazing lab and I can't think of another word right off to describe the differences.
And it just goes to show that one pattern can literally have I'm gonna say I'm gonna go a little exaggeration, a million variations. Because every person who makes that pattern can change something, a color placement. The one that we're doing right now has some bigger blocks. And somebody you put panel blocks into the project. It was like, Oh, that was cool. had thought about never had that. Yeah. And so anyway, so all sorts of different ways to use that stash Buster pattern. And so that is so exciting. So it will roll out with that on Friday morning. Yeah, and then and then again. Again, the party Sunday. Awesome. Yeah. And then we've got Monday and Monday is yet a another huge day for us because the first Monday of every month, we do a one hour Facebook Live and, and it's a big feature for us these days, isn't it?
Oh, it's such a it is a big feature. But at the time that we get to show some of the products or ideas that we Have, where people maybe can get a little bit more in depth than just looking at the website. Yeah, so even view we are live on the first Monday of each month at seven o'clock. However, it is also on the website if you want to go back if you can't watch it live at that point in time. But it also might inspire you in different ideas and different directions of where you can go with some of the fabrics and patterns that we have. A lot of times we're highlighting some of the newer collections we have, or some new ways to use some of the fabric you may have at home as well.
And it's almost like a personal shopping experience for people because for an hour you and I, and sometimes a few other of our staff members, depending on who's around and who's not. But it's an hour's worth of us showing you again, new projects, new patterns, new fabrics, different combinations. You know, we highlight different things. And it's exciting for us because we love to play with the fabric, don't we?
Yeah, yes. And when somebody comes into the store, whether it's that Monday night watching us play with color and put stuff together or whether we have a customer coming into the store. never feel bad about asking for help or assistance with anything because it is a privilege for us to be out and help that way
it is and we do get excited. And it's we've had we've had a pretty regular stream of fabric new fabrics coming in in the last few weeks. I feel we sort of feel like you know not all the companies are fully back up and shipping on time. But we're really starting to see a large variety of fabrics that are starting to come in that have been delayed. And and Jamie would i would i over exaggerate when I say you're in love with every collection that comes in.
You don't over exaggerate at all, every time someone comes in, like oh, gee, I should use this one. It's so I'm looking at one that just came in yesterday. In fact, I'm petting it right now. And I've just loving a coating on me as I fold it.
Is that the ladybug mania? Or the or Nolan friend or bloom wildly?
Currently I am at the bloom wildly looking at that. Wow, that yes, all of them are wonderful for different things. And no one friend is so cute. If you're looking for some oh my gosh, I could just go on and on. But yes, when you say oh my gosh, it's so cute or Oh, I love that or Oh that's so pretty. That is a common phrase.
Yep. And I think partly it's that as a quilter we like to make projects for specific people or specific events. And every event every person requires a different color a different taste a different and so you've got to have a variety of patterns and fabrics and different things to look at because obviously like Noah and friends, is it going to you know, that's not going to trip Henry's trigger, you know, at his age, but it might, you know, be perfect for a two year old little boy that or a girl that you know likes animals. And oh yeah, and Ladybug media. Oh my gosh, it's just so darn sweet. So cute. And I love the kit that we're going to be putting together with that. So again, there's there's so much thing like that, things like that that are going on and, and even beyond the fourth, we have a new mystery quilt that's going to be coming out. We'll be announcing that soon. And we have the next version of our feathered friends for 2022. So just like you said, We are already working into 2022 to keep things going and heck, I think we'll probably have to start planning our 20th anniversary soon because it'll be here before we know it. But probably in the meantime, we want all of you to come on Sunday from noon to five RSVP at hidden chicks slash party. We look forward to celebrating with you. Until next week. Be creative