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Welcome to Take Home Tuesdays!

In this episode, Jami welcomes a special guest, her nephew Josiah, as we make Travelin' Totes!!  This FREE downloadable pattern has 5 different sizes of bags from small to large enough to hold laundry (and one the perfect size for a wine bottle)

Prepare the casings.  Make sure to iron and sew 1/4" on each end before folding in half.
Find the center on the top edge of fabric and place casings 1/4" from center line matching raw edges.  Lay top & lining pieces right sides together.  Press seam allowance towards the main color.
Fold piece in half, matching seams at raw edge.  Stitch around the raw edges leaving an opening at the bottom of the lining fabric.
This is showing the opening on our lining.
This is the trickiest step!  I find the corner seam then pull two layers apart to form a triangle, then press.  Do this on all four corners, stitch straight line across each triangle according to the measurement given on the pattern.  Trim your triangles off.
Turn your bag inside out!
Make sure to stitch the opening closed on your lining.  You can whipstitch by hand or enclose using your machine.
Tuck the lining inside the bag.  Press.  Topstitch around the top of bag just below the casing.
Time to make the ties.  Press your 1 1/2" x 21" strip in half.  Then fold raw edges to the pressed line.  Press.  Fold together so no raw edges are showing and press again.
Stitch your straps closed.
Thread one your straps through the casings.  Tie ends together. .
Thread the other strap through is important to thread the straps opposite ways.  Tie that strap.  And TA -DA!  You have a wonderful drawstring tote bag!

Try it out this way for summer!

These bags are perfect to take to the beach or the pool! Carry your sunscreen, sunglasses, goggles, hair clip, and even your peep pocket all in one handy place!